Thursday, 12 November 2015

Monthly Vow October To November

So close, just one Wraithlord away... I failed again, but with waving a child off to China and work falling apart again, I was closer than I thought I would be...

The home brew Skyweavers and the 2nd Banshee Exarch.

Banshee Exarch.

Lady Aave of The Exodites Of Telvig in 3 of her 4 forms.

And the other 2 painted in the Ghost Army colours.

The Troupe Of The Heroic Dead for my Masque, these are in their stage aspect rather than war aspect.

And the red hands let me know which ones have Kisses.

I re-painted this old Eldar Ghost Warrior and have placed it in my Star Players, so I can get away with using this army down at Warhammer World.

First objective marker.

The Shadowseers and Death Jesters for the 2 remaining Troupes, The Wyld Ones and The Nobility Of Old.

The finished Skyweavers, I took these in a game on Sunday and only lost 2 wounds off them, and they took out an assassin with mass shuriken fire.

And a re-paint for Jussi Nietos.

Well first up is to finish Grandmother Aave, my 3rd Wraithlord and first Wraith Seer, need to check my bank to make sure I've been paid before I start buying stuff on ebay today, but that chap up there is getting some friends to round out the Wyld Ones, the Nobility will have to wait till next month... where was I, yes so a Wraith Seer, 10 more Harlequins, and another Spirit Warrior/ War Walker will do for this month, hopefully my hours will stabilise a bit and I can get some free time.

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