Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Emperor’s Loyal Hounds Of War

One of the new Chapters created for Guilliman's Indomitus Crusade, The Loyal Hounds Of War have gene seed that's is proven to be from the Ultramarines, they have styled and trained themselves in many schools of war, favouring missions of extermination and not having to worry about collateral damage, Guilliman's investigation into the province of their gene seed points to The Nemesis Chapter alongside other, wilder elements of the Ultramarines Chapters.
In Void engagements they favour boarding actions via torpedoes and landing craft.
So far they have been fighting on the fringe of the Crusade, away from others and as far from Imperial over sight as possible.
Within the chapter itself there is a strong sense of brotherhood between the Primaris Astartes, they do follow the Codex, but the brotherhood fostered within the chapter is greater than the Codex and strike forces from the Hounds will feature squads draw from various companies, and a flexible approach to combat situations.
I have a couple of items for sale on eBay currently, 3 armless and base less Grey Knights
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And the Salamander Terminator from the Deathwatch box game.
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Friday, 23 June 2017

Numpty Moment

I started the Lieutenant yesterday and I seem to gave clipped the wrong head off the sprue, I painted up a helmeted head, despite painting the helmet on the hip, I saw it, I just didn't take it in.

So now I have an issue, I like the white and blue of The Emperor’s Loyal Hounds Of War, I like the Nemesis Chapter colours and background which I can borrow elements of for TELHOW,

and I like the Mentors Chapter colours and their background fits with the Primaris Astartes, with the experimental mind set of the Chapter.
And so I'm open to suggestions, I like all 3 options but can't really paint the sets I have in 3 different colours.

Comments welcome.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Captain and Ancient

I wanted to see how these colours looked on the Primaris Astartes, I picked the Pre Heresy World Eaters colours of white and blue, and the Mentors Chapter colours of white and green, I have one more to do in the Nemesis Chapter colours of Eshin Grey and blue.

Primed all the sprues.

Rather than go with the banner on the Ancient I've used an axe instead, the banner is going on Brother Bethor, and will call him another Lieutenant.

I rather like how the Captain looks like in these colours. Tonight and tomorrow I'll be making up a Lieutenant and painting it in Nemesis Chapter colours, and will have a poll in 40k For Grown Ups on Facebook.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The 8th Ed Haul

Picked up my 8th edition goodies yesterday, and was way to tired to do anything with them. 😢
So after a good night's sleep and a few chores I'll be off down the park later to have a read in the sunshine of the rule book.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Official Re-Casts For BloodBowl

Sorry, made to order! Not re-cast.
Posted by Forge World on the Community Page on the 18th of June 2017. So by my reading these will be available for order from the Saturday the 24th of June to the the Friday the 30th of June 2017

For one week only, four classic teams returning to Blood Bowl thanks to Made To Order, giving aspiring coaches even more choice when building their personal league and allowing veteran fans to bring their favourite faction into the new edition. Eat your players with the Vampire team, or throw them into the end zone with a full roster of Ogres, or outmanoeuvre your foes with the Wood Elves.

Finally, Blood Bowl’s worst players and best cooks return with the Halflings. Both they and the Wood Elves will have access to some much-needed bulk with the Treeman Star Player, also available in next week’s Made To Order waves. Rules for Ogres, Vampires, Wood Elves and halflings can be found via our free Teams of Legend Supplement.

If you’re interested, make sure to get these models while you can next week – they’ll be available for one week only!

If you’re new to Blood Bowl, find out more about the game on

Saturday, 17 June 2017


Rather than do the sensible thing and go to bed after work yesterday, I got the train to Preston and dropped in to the GW, sorry Warhammer store

It was a bit busy at 10am.
I bought the Dark Imperium novel

And topped up my paints that I need to get the Primaris Astartes painted.
It took some time to get to the till.
Once home I found issue 2 of Freeway Fighter waiting for me! Better get issue 4 pre ordered.

Just about to start the novel now, as I was finishing the latest book from Andy McDermott, a Chase and Wild book; The Midas Legacy. Slightly different from his other tales in the series.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Monthly Vow 12th of June To The 12th of July

Oops, missed the day, but I've been on hiatus for a couple of weeks waiting for 8th to drop. Probably like many of you as well.

Just a few tweekes on the Necron Knight.
So the vow for this month I've got 2 lots of Primaris Astartes coming next week that I intend to paint as Nemesis Chapter, the second captain and Ancient, I'm thinking of trying in Mentors colours.
I'm speculating here, but I have a feeling that the Primaris Astartes Codex and other bits will drop in July,( this bit in the brackets is fact, after a chat with the Manchester GW Manager last month, any entry in a Codex WILL have a miniature when the Codex is released if there isn't a miniature currently in the range to stop 3rd party companies claiming IP rights on something), so depending on cash I'll be ordering the Dread and Codex when they come up for pre orders and see how much this Overlord flyer will cost.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

And So In Honour Of 8th

With 8th Edition coming out on Saturday I'm once again ignoring it more or less on the day itself, (being the bigger person and getting mine on Monday). So I was looking for something to paint and I bought Brother Bethor

I also bought him a sword arm to go with it. When he arrives I'll be buying some silk ribbon to use as a banner.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Planning For The Primaris Astartes

So 2 sets of the Primaris have been ordered. I am getting that fracking dreadnought when it comes out and so I'm thinking colours, what am I going to do. My first thought was either Mentors Chapter

or Nemesis Chapter

Then I heard the little bit of background that says Cawl might have used Traitor Legion gene seed to make the Primaris Astartes, which made me think of the pre Heresy World Eaters colours of white and blue.

When I get mine I'll paint one of the Ancients up in white and one set of arms green and the other blue and see how they look, the other will be grey.

Played With The Hew Again

So while awake all night because I forgot I wasn't actually at work and can only take so much of the BBC repeating themselves until the election results start to roll in I played with a couple of images of the Primaris Astartes.
Once again my phones software is fairly basic so I'm not able to change the toilet seat for other chapter badges

And the captain

Wednesday, 7 June 2017


This is still salty, apparently based on information from the novel that's being released alongside the box set and lexi.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

New Information

So if as it looks like, he is dead, was it Cypher that did it or was a cascading failure in the Throne itself?
Did he undergo regeneration ? Did the Star Child prophecy come to pass and Order has a new god now?
And, this is the big one, if he is truly dead what's happened to the Astronomicon?

Friday, 2 June 2017

Necron Knight

I've done a couple of nights on the Knight this week, green stuffing and magnets is not quick.

I magnetised the head, this took some time as I had to file down the front part to fit over the orginal K2 neck ball joint.

Both doomsday cannons are magnetised and inter changeable.

Found the sword again.

And the counts as shimmer shield.