Thursday, 30 April 2015

May Monthly Vow

Or how I failed to complete my vow last month and got distracted by other shiny things...
So close again, I didn't get the Troupe done or start on the Titan, the Troupe was just time but the Titan, well I used up all my magnets and I'm still waiting for the slow boat from Hong Kong with more.

I did get these 2 done in my free time, with plenty of weapon options

And I got these 3 re-painted for the Exodites.

As well as the Goon Troupe becoming all Shadowseers

And some of their replacements

Azreil, former The Joker

Skeleton, Black Scorpion's Jack A Row Jones

And the new Joker.

As well as reboxing the Knights Of Blood project so I can see what I have to do with this and what I have to play with.

So for May I shall get the optional weapons painted for the Vypers, I shall finish magnetising the 2nd Spirit Warrior, I SHALL paint The Jokers Troupe and I have a Void Weaver on it's way that I intend to paint as well. I shall be picking some of the moss out of the lawn at work with the plan to drap it over the Spirit Warriors and weapons and Vyper/Venoms to show that these items are rarely used and overgrown, as well as reading through the Craftworld Eldar Codex, no more las lock = sad face, and deciding where to go with the Exodite project.

Venom/Vypers For Telvig

So broke the rule yesterday and painted something... I don't normally do stuff on the 29th, but then I normally hide in the theater.

So these I started on Monday, I gave all 2 of the three a coat of Uahabati Bone before going over that with a Nihilakh Oxide wash.

I then dry brushed them with White Scar.

I didn't like the look of the painted canopies so painted those black.

I then added some of the Nihilakh Oxide to the lines and the edges of the canopies as well.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Forge World Bulletin #57

From the Bulletin, only 2 photos, one of Salute this weekend and the other had something we all want to see more of. I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the Warlord will be released when Warhammer World has it's grand re-opening. So yeah

that's a big one.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Second Spirit Warrior

So this weekend I have started the second, as yet unnamed, Spirit Warrior, I used the same style paint scheme as last time. As you can see I painted up 2 back vains pieces.

There is a difference in the back pieces, one has a mount for a gun the other doesn't. I mounted a Star Cannon and stuck a couple of Dark Lances together and filed them down so they will fit.

These 2 images where taken to show the difference between flash and strip light.

As I want options when it comes to guns I added magnets to the Shuriken Cannons

Eldar missile launchers,

And some old school scatter lasers.

And the second set of vains with Star Cannon

And dual lances.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Knights Of Old Hammer. EPIC!

So much leakage from the rumor mill of new Knights.
Thanks to spikey bits for these 2 images.

As you can see nither of the 2 gun Knights have a missile lancher on them but lots of big guns none the less.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Last Push!
Come on guys! You at least want me to be able to get a bottle a tequllia don't you? Or at the very least watch Age of Ultron in 3D?

Monday, 20 April 2015

Forge World Bulletin #56

All we have this week us the Plasma Fusil, was it?, for the Eddy Dread and the video showcasing Tempest and the Warlord Titan

And then talk of Salut on the 25th of April.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Exodite Eldar Of Telvig

The Exodite Eldar of Telvig are my next project

The Treeman as Avatar, Farseer, Waywatcher as Rangers, the Black Scorpion Pirate Girls are possibly going to be the crew for any tanks, the photo bombing lizard will be being re-painted to match and lastly we have Seksikäs the Honoured Ancient that has been this weekends WIP.

One coat of dry brushing

Lot of interest on the base on Facebook, I got them from Troll Traders Ebay store.

And finished weapon options.

Yes I've used Dark Lances as Bright Lances my reasoning is these are Exodites their tech is old fashioned.

A 2nd Scatter Las is on order.

And the twin linked shuriken catapult.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Bringing Sexy Back.

So meet Sexy, the Oldhammer Spirit Warrior from the earliest days of Craftworlds and the Infinaty Circuit

This is one of 2 for the Exodite Project I'm working. This one has underslung weapons on the left arm, the right arm is a WIP, I plan to add magnets so I can undersling the weapons on that arm as well.

At the moment I'm still looking for weapons for the other one, I have plenty of missile pods...

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Up Close And Personal

Cos only morning sex is better than proving someone wrong and I don't care that is showing a sloppy paint job off either

Fusion Pistol

Whatever it is that the Autarch has cos it's not a Nuron Pistol or a Shuriken Pistol either.

New Pistol? And A Fusion Pistol To Compare It To

Looking at the leaked image of the Autarch with wings I noticed his pistol looks different, is that a Prism Lense he has on the end of that?

Edit, just in case you've never seen a Fusion Pistol before...

It's 6am I could be sleeping, but here I am proving my point, I mean inlightening the masses...

Shiny BFG Back In Stock

Just been looking at the Dark Elves Cold One Riders to use as a base for some Dragon Riders and noticed that the Plasma BFG is back in stock.

And now for my appalling technomancy.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Forge World Bulletin #55

Forge World Bulletin #55 has gone live, in it are 2 future transfere sheets, one for the smurfs and one for the Word Barers.

And some nice Tau from Amy at Warhammer World.

Another Chance To Buy

After my last buyer never got the money together I'm relisting The Glorious 1000.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Last 3 Star Players

So yesterday and today I got on with the last 3 Star Players, Troupe Master Joker, Azreal and Skeleton.

And the couple of source images for the Joker.

Azreal is another Star Player, his Troupe is going to be painted up in a mix of Azreal and Nightwing, along with source images.

And lastly Skeleton, not much in the way of source images seeing as he was a copy cat.