Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Monthly Vow For April

So early hours of April the 1st and insomnia has struck... So monthly vow time it is. I'm picking this over navel gazing and porn.
So for the end of April I want to have finished the 4 Star Players, new Joker, Catwoman, repainting the current Joker as Azreil and Skeleton as well, overtime all 4 are planned to get Troupes, I need to pick up some grey paint for Azreil so might just pick up a Voidweaver and get that painted as well for my Masque. The last bit for the Masque is a Troupe for one of the Star Players that doesn't have one yet, so either Poison Ivy (green and red), Joker (purple and green), Catwoman (purple and black), Skeleton (white, bone and light blue) or Azreil (grey, blue and yellow). I might also retask Harley Quins Troupe as Lesser Shadow Seers and attach them to the other Troupes in a PRN style, plan A is to swop out an old Walock mini from each Troupe and repaint in The Goon Troupes colours and repaint the replacement in the Troupes colours, but I think that that can wait for now. As well as that and if you are still reading this, insomnia does make me ramble, I plan on magnetising the other Space Crusade Dreadnought so it can also use the same weapons as the other machine, which shouldn't even be a 2 hour job. Then there's the Wraithlords for the Exodite project, there's 2 of them and I only have 1 Scatter Laser, so I need to buy another Eldar Heavy Weapon Spru or trawl through ebay looking for one again.
So list time : 4 Harlequins for my Star Players Troupe + plastic Death Jester, 10 Harlequins + metal Death Jester, a Voidweaver, magnetise a Dread and 2 Wraithlords, so 19 miniatures this month.

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