Sunday, 14 October 2018

Apocalypsis Irregulares

Well my internal plastic crack addict wouldn't let me sleep yesterday, which lead to a problem but we'll get there later, which ment I was able to go and pick up my box that I'd missed on Saturday  that had Warlord number 3 and the 2 boxes of Warhounds. I got some black spray on the sprues before getting a few hours sleep.
Once I got started putting the paint on the panels I realised my focus was going so I skipped some of the finer details in favour of powering on with the build, once I've had some sleep I'll get it finished.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Monthly Vow, 14th October To The 12th Of November

The plan is the plan and here it is, Warlord number 3 and the 4 Warhounds, I'm keeping an eye on Element Games to see when the Reavor Titan is back in stock and will get a 3rd ordered so I can get the 2 full manipuls rounded out. Beyond those I'm planning on finishing the Conquest Lieutenant and the Librarian if/when that lands, I'll also slip some of the Harry Potter stuff in as well.

Review time 

Bloody hell those 20 Intercessors where this month?! Oh no, this was the second squad of 10. 

Next up was a mosh mash of the Plague Marines, Reivers and an objective marker. The marker was the 2 spare Intercessors that I got some suggestions with and ended up painting them as Storm Wardens. 

Then I started the Knights, my plan for them is to keep them in same weapon squads, I'd like to get one of the old Knights for each squad to break up the outline of the squad. 

I managed to pick up 2 of these and sold both for cover price, one went to Germany, the other to America. I've been told the American one has reached its destination 

Thing 1 and Thing 2 were up next, of the 2 classes I've built so far the Reavor is the nicer kit, I'd be happy to do a full manipul of these, the Warlords I'm happy to call a day at 3 off.

And lastly for last month was the 2 Warlords from the GM Box,  Eques Palidus was first and broke me slightly with the off white. Then I did Coercive Umbra which was a lot more fun to do.

Coercive Umbra Walks

And then there were 2.
The Tenth Cohort of Palidus Mor Legion grows with Coercive Umbra joining Eques Palidus. If I can stay awake I'll pick up my package with Warlord number 3 and the Warhounds.
The home mix grey blue looks great with the Deepkin Flesh and brass.
Had much more pleasure building and painting this one than the first, that's for sure.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Eques Palidus Walks

Eques Palidus is ready to walk.
Disclaimer, I'm not doing another Warlord with this amount of off white again.
I made a couple of mistakes, the hips are out of line and the left shoulder plates are slightly higher than the right as I'd broken the frame off and it wouldn't fit back in place correctly.
I hit a wall when painting this monster miniature , the ushabati bone base coat followed by screaming skull, then 2 coats of Deepkin Flesh and then the midnight blue grey and the brass trim killed the joy when I was painting. The weapon arms and missile pods were nice to do.
All weapons have been magnetised and if number 3 arrives the guns will get the same magnets done if I can get it sprayed of course.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Warlord One

I forgot the fracking Warlord instructions again. I worked out how to fit the leg armour and head without it but I thought it best to leave the cannons until I have the book with me. 

Conquest 4, 5, & 6 And Other Bits

I went out yesterday to pick up some more astroganite and Martian dust for bases and while I was out I missed the post man. I went up to the depot this morning and picked up my package with the 3 issues of Conquest, more Pox walkers, my Lieutenant, as the other 2 got sold, one to Germany and one to America, so this one is now part of my plan for next year. Issue 6 is the Death Guard again and I picked up a copy and got one in the pack, so I have 6 of them again, with the spare from the last batch I can make a squad of 7 for my plan of a herald squad for each Chaos God to go with the chaos version of Sicarus that's now in my chaos army.
I also sprayed the other Warlord with the black to cut painting time and the feeling of being overwhelmed when it comes to the actual painting of Coercive Umbra, as I was feeling pretty blah at the detail on the first one, Equus Pallidus 

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Knight Models Harry Potter Series

Unboxed the Harry Potter stuff and got it assembled this afternoon, I'm fairly sure that the wands won't last, I already broke Ron's off while I was fixing his arm in place.
The multi part Death Eaters have some good poses and the kids are okay but that is in no way, shape or form Nevel Longbottom.
All that is left to show off are the city goblins, sorry House Elves and the Spiders.