Thursday, 21 March 2019

Timberwolf Upgrade

Having an easy night tonight and just have focused on the flamestorm cannons on the Seige Dreadnought.
As well as that I did some of the remaining bits on the Death Guard dread, mostly just a dry brush of gold and the white wash on the plasma cannon with a light coat of the Death Guard green on the shoulders.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Death Guard Dreadnought, With Ablative Armour

A couple of bits left to do on this but over all I'm rather happy with this fugly dread has come out. This is for the 30k Dreadnought army and after a conversation on Facebook I'm thinking of having a crack at a 40k version, just bought a dread for that.
I did the white and was a bit worried that the colour wasnt right then I thought that it's a death guard as long as it's working, so just left it with the one coat and the dirty look.
I mixed my own green for the shouldersas the washed out green from Conquest didn't feel right.

Luna Wolves Casterferrum Dreadnought

Remember the leg plates tonight, and eventually got to get some paint on them. I'm also planning on getting the Conquest Sgts built tonight as well as getting some white on the Death Guard Casterferrum.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019


On the night of the 19th the Dread Filled Month begins. I actually started off with the Death Guard dread with ablative armour, green stuffing the Blight Hauler bits on the dread and giving the sides a bit of slant so it doesn't look too square.
While I was waiting for the green stuff to cure I started on the other one for this project the Luna Wolves dread. It got a base coat of ushabati bone,
then rakin flesh before 2 thin coats of Deepkin Flesh over the top. As I painted the legs black I realised I'd left the shin plates at home, so I'll dig them up and get those done when I'm doing the white on the death guard dread tomorrow. I did some of the details as well and will dry brush tomorrow.

Road Trip To Warhammer World March 2019

In a couple of weeks, me and a few friends are off down to Warhammer World. I'm taking my Dark Angels Successors with me, a large force of Primaris with a couple of old minis as well, I'll be up against the Alpha Legion, the other 2 guys are playing AoS.

Monday, 18 March 2019

Intercessors Done

Finished off 10 more Intercessors, which takes me up to a Demi company worth of Primaris Astartes.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Monthly Vow 13th Of March To The 12th Of April

Next up is a Dread Filled Month! Yay! 4 Casterferrum dreads, the 3 old metal chucks to convert to Boltstorm Aggressors, 2 Redemptor dreads and the alternative chuck, which should have the heavy weapon pack by the time I get round to. But before that I have 10 Intercessors to build and paint for the Lion's Blades and a trip down to Warhammer World at the end of the month. REVIEW TIME
First up according to the time line was the Apothecary that had been in the Knights of Blood that I repainted for the Red Scorpions and the Ordo Astartes strike force. Next up was the prototype Terminator that I committed tech heresy on by converting it to have lightening claws.
Then came the other 3, the old scratch build got a touch up, I picked up a Grey Knight that had lightening claws and tweaked one of the Tartarus Terminators, I pulled the heavy flamer apart for this one.
Then we had the Warhounds, Alba Lupus and Regio Grieso, sadly a mate needed some cash so I bought these off him as the start of this year's plan.
I started off by killing one of the spare Knights.
Regio Grieso, or in Low Gothic Grey Area, is referred to as Meat F****r I thought the weapons should be anti personal hence the vulcan mega bolter and flamer.
Alba Lupus gets the usual blu tacked weapons like the other Warhounds.
Having a weekend off was something unusual, I got a shave and condensed the titans back into the core box, I had to chop the templates off the sprue and all the markers, which lead to ms doing the bunkers on Sunday night.
And lastly, and the reason my vow for last month got an extra day, the 2 Conquest Rhinos that I picked up last week and started on Monday, painted Tuesday, but as the hatches only came with the second part which came out today, so I gave myself a little extra time to finish these 2, the 3rd one doesn't come out until April so that'll be done around the Shadowspire boxes.
And lastly a little something oldhammer, one of the images that hooked me on epic and 40k back in the old days.
I just really loved the forced perspective the differing scales allowed.