Friday, 14 December 2018

Albus And The Spiders

Good name for a band, that
I started out with a base coat of my home mix dark grey, before giving it a layer of Fenris grey mixed with Mechanicus standard grey at about 50/50 ratio, when dry then got nuln oil wash then all over with the Fenris grey, the inner robes got a coat of screaming skull then a second brush of Deepkin Flesh, the hair got the same treatment.
As to the Spiders, I know that the Ackumantula was black as were the spiderlings but with so much black and grey already in the game I'm doing the Spiders with a bit more colour.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Death Eaters And Filtch

Death Eater 3 and 4, mixed up some darker shades as the school kids are already grey and I wanted something different on the Death Eaters, I had done the inside robe dark blue on one but it didn't look good so I went over it with the grey, the other robe got a dark green inner trim.
And the Squib care taker Mr Filtch, thanks to Red Dead Redemption for the recent helpful examples of lantern light on human for the on source lighting.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Luna Lovegood And Cho Chang

After giving everything left at home a good scrub yesterday, I started with Luna and Cho tonight.  Luna is a single piece, Cho was multi part and also has one of the more sturdy wands I've seen so far.
Not sure if I've managed to do the hair justice on Luna, Co's hair got a gloss wash that isn't showing up that well in the photos.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Monthly Vow, 12th Of December To The 12th Of January

The new year falls in this monthly vow, so plans will be being worked on through to the 31st for what I'm going to do in 2019. As to this month, the first thing I'm going to do is scrub the Harry Potter stuff before I make a start on painting those up, it's 2 Death Eaters, Dobby, Kretcha, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Flitch, Dumbledor and a host of spider lings, there's also the Aggressors that illness forced me to skip. In the Conquest magazine selection there's another Death Guard character and at least a sprue of Intercessors, Hellblasters and an Inceptor, the Inceptor will be going in the Hounds, the others will be kept aside for later in the year, there's also the Blight Hauler that's primed and ready to go, and the bargain Word Barers Possessed Contemptor that's been wrapped for Christmas. Onto The Review The Knight Commander got done, it underwent a minor re design as I was working on it, with the shoulder pads from the Tartarus Terminators being replaced with some of the new plastic Knight shoulders that got chopped off a carapace, as well as the weapons getting magnetised. I made a start on the Death Guard characters with an old school Death Guard colour scheme. The Hounds got the first of the Flame storm Aggressors painted up, to max out that squad to 6. The Inceptors face shield needs a little bit of trimming to be fitted into the Aggressors, but it is worth it. Then I got the blessings of Grandfather Nurgle for a week, once I was feeling better I started on the Harry Potter characters, with the Slytherin students first, then a Death Eater, before going onto the Troll/ Ogre, I got a little confused on colours and painted it a normal flesh tone at first as I got confused with the Rowling Trolls and Giants , before going back and giving it a greenish tint. Longbottom got done alongside the 2nd Death Eater, I gave this one some nice red boots to stand out a bit. And I made a start on 3 of the Weasley Siblings, I'm leaving the hair until I start Ron, that way all 4 will get the same shade of ginger.

The 2nd Death Eater

I got the second Death Eater finished off today with a mix of Khorne Red and macragg blue with the aim of getting a colour that looks close to the Doc Martens oxblood red boots.