Tuesday, 31 March 2020

2 More Castigators

Finally got these started, I had intended to have had them done over the weekend but ended up doing the second Grave yard. While I had been looking for the purple for those black roses I came across the aveland sunset, which I thought would be worth a try on the robes of the Stormcast to give a better blend between the tau ocher and flash git yellow, which I think has worked really well.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Commission Peice

Polished off the 2nd lot of Sigmarite graves for a Co worker, definitely going back to the first lot and reworking them now I can see these.

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Second Grave Yard

Saturday morning I showed one of my coworkers the Sigmarite Graveyard I'd painted up, she was impressed and asked if I could do one for her. I was lucky that the local shop had a second copy in stock, and picked it up. Assembly and base coat was nice and easy, once the base coat was dry I started with the green stuff, giving it the same algae look I'd used on some of the Nurgle Dreads last year. I timed out as it was only an 11 hour shift last night, so only thing done after that was the camoshade wash, which went over all the tombs. I asked what colour rose she'd like and was told black so I've added a purple and a pink to hight light the petals for tonight, and I've never used the pink paint to date.

Saturday, 28 March 2020

The ISS, Venus and The Moon

I like to star and cloud gaze sometimes this week Venus has been really bright, and in line with the moon, I'd seen a post on Facebook that the ISS was going to be visible twice in the evening, I missed it the first time, but managed to get a nice shot of all #Venus, the #Moon and the #ISS, I'd switched night mode on, and you can even make out #Aldebrann in the photo, between the Station and Venus. I had hoped to try and get a second photo in front of Orion but I lost sight of it just after I got this photo.
Without night mode

Grave Yard

The past 2 nights I've painted this week's Mortal Realms first scenery sprues, looking at them it's going to make a nice scenery piece for Voldemort. It took 2 nights because I'd taken the camo shade out of the box, and I had wanted to make it look like there'd been a period of neglect and a layer of algae had grown on the roofs of the tombs. On a technical note, I activated the night mode on this camera for these.

Friday, 27 March 2020

The 2021 Armies on Parade Plan

For Bat Man, thought it better to do a post rather than reply to your comment.
The plan is for the Imperial side of the Battle for Gate IX, the long range dreads are more or less organised with 8 in total, I've got a Deredo that I'm going to repaint the chapter badge as a Black Dragon, I have 3 of the Space Crusade long legged dreads that I'll re paint for Angels of Absolution and Brother Damos himself who has Las cannons and missile launchers, I've got a Dread in mind for that one, which leaves 4, I have 2 pairs of auto cannons and I killed a metal Dreadnought missile launcher to give me a mortis mount, I'm planning to repaint 3 of this years dreads for those guns, which leaves me 1 to equip and about 18 months to source something, I do have a vulkite Contemptor I could use at the back. Of the 9 short range/ close combat dreads, I have 2 Blood Angel dreads in the box already, with a beautiful mk4 forge world to move from this years project, there is also a Salamander and Space Wolf Dreadnought that I'm bringing over, and with Brother Wayland and his multi melta takes that up to 6 sorted, with 5 done already. So it's just a case of finding the Chapter colours of some of the ones involved and getting them arranged into a decent display.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Bits Built, Plans, Bases.

Sat with my down loaded list of the 3rd War For Armageddon and planning the 2021 board. The list has 24 chapters, and there are 2 named Dreadnoughts, Brother Damos of the Angels of Porphyr and Brother Wayland of the Omega Marines. I have 2 Blood Angel dreads painted in this box, with the mk4 and the Salamander from this years Armies on Parade board, being planned to swop straight over, which gives me a start on 4 dreads, just 14 more to do.
I sorted out my build plan for this years Primaris Demi Company, just the Master Lazarus to build now. Yesterday I did the bases for the Inceptors and the Stormcast Eternals.
The grey Primaris make it up to 30 Intercessors.
Lastly this week's Mortal Realms sprues have had a prime and a black spray.