Thursday, 26 April 2018

The Great Pretender

Spent a couple of weeks doing this, and got it into the Wigan store today.
The personal ride of The Great Pretender, troupe master within The Masque of the Breaking Dawn. Now need to build up a troupe for him, after I've finished the Mime Incubi.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

I've Been Blessed.

Yep Grandfather Nurgle has been with his blessings. It's that bad I'm even taking a couple of days off work to get over it.
Normal crappy service will resume next week hopefully.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Quick Update On The Land Raider

Much better photos will be up on Thursday, this is just a stop gap till then.
The bunting and the turret on the rear of the tank got done tonight.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Cat 1 And Cat 2

Like both of these heads. These aren't glued yet as not sure which head to go with. I've included the 2 images that inspired me most on these minis.
Just bunting and a rear facing Shuriken cannon and it's done.
Arranged some table time at Wigan on Thursday for some better than WIP photos.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Pole Cats

After a couple of nights focused on the Incubi Mimes I got back to the Raider tonight.
Started the 2 pole cats tonight, I really wasn't happy with the second one so I scrapped it and went with the DE Wytche, I just need to paint the arm that's holding the pole.
The other cat is inspired by Roger Taylor in the I Want To Break Free video. I haven't got a head with me that I like so headless until I can get home and have a root.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Incubi Mimes

Concentrated on the Incubi/ Mime tonight, gave the robe a Khorne red base coat, a nuln oil wash and then a thin coat of Evil Sunz Scarlet and the high lighted with wild rider red.
The Incubi warriors are a hold over from 6th when I was running this army out of the DE Codex, to work them into the new one I'm planning running these as mime 's (normal troupe), in the older edition the Mimes played the dæmon roles and the one I already have are named, the Troupe was called The First of The Fallen.
I  will be making the pole cats and painting them tomorrow, one for sure will be inspired by Roger Taylor in the I Want To Break Free video, the other will be something like the last 2 photos.

The Pole Cats

I had rather a heavy night at work so not had much time to muck about. Large magnets on top of the track housing and 2 5mmx1mm on each foot , after a few miss starts where I repeatedly got one magnet the wrong way up. I've had the large magnets for ages and I guess a bit of the hoarder had set in with a reluctance to use then on this project.
Also base coated the Incubi warrior before giving the tiny skulls and weapons a sepia wash and the armour a nuln oil wash.
I also found out that this style of Incubi was first released with Vect personal Raider, that paint job isn't mine.