Friday, 31 March 2017

Shadow War

Already sold out in New Zealand and the place that doesn't exist ūüėČAustralia, so I had to get the photos from the Japanese version of the page, good job I got the text from NZ though, my kanji is none existent.
So from the evidence, be up early or miss out!

Available while stocks last!

Deadly skirmish combat in a war-torn hive world.

Armageddon is wracked with war. As hordes of ferocious Ork warriors surge across the planet, they are met in combat by the combined forces of the Imperium.

Across Hive Acheron, elite fighters creep through the twisting pipes and gantries of the hive to strike deep within enemy territory. They are assassins and saboteurs – the kill teams of Armageddon, battling over precious promethium in order to win the shadow war and decide the fate of the battle that has engulfed the planet.

A standalone boxed game, Shadow War: Armageddon pits kill teams against each other in skirmish combat, with a detailed set of rules that are easy to pick up, yet deep enough to delight even the most seasoned wargamer. Containing an assortment of Citadel miniatures Shadow War: Armageddon brings the thrill of close-up and personal warfare to your gaming table, from single skirmishes to hard-fought campaigns that could decide the fate of Armageddon.

The Miniatures

Shadow War: Armageddon contains 2 kill teams to get you started with the game:

- a Space Marines Scouts kill team, consisting of 5 Space Marines Scouts with sniper rifles, 1 of which can be armed with a missile launcher; and 5 Space Marines Scouts with either bolt pistols and close combat weapons, bolters or shotguns (this includes options for a Sergeant with a bolt pistol and chainsword, and a Scout with a heavy bolter);

- an Ork kill team, consisting 10 Ork Boyz armed with sluggas, choppas and shootas; with 2 heavy weapons, stikk bombs and extra ammo, and an Ork Nob armed with a slugga and power klaw;

The Scenery

- a selection of brand new scenery pieces – modular plastic kits that allow you to build myriad multi-level structures on which to play your games. You’ll receive enough parts to build a variety of configurations, with extra walkways and balustrades to be clipped on wherever you please. These kits have been designed with plug-in holes which clip the scenery in place solidly yet can be removed – disassemble and reconfigure your battleground between games! Each piece of scenery is compatible with the Promethium Relay Pipes, Void Shield Generator and Haemotrope Reactor (each available separately), and represent Hive Acheron on your gaming table..

The Rules

A deep and tactically rewarding game, Shadow War: Armageddon comes with a 120-page softback rulebook, containing:

- a history of the brutal conflicts that have wracked the hive world of Armageddon since the notorious Warboss Ghazghkull Thraka decided to invade;
- an overview of the main forces fighting over the hive world – Space Marines Scouts, Astra Militarum Veteran Squads and Ork Boyz Mobs – how they fight, why they fight and the wargear they employ;
- Core Rules: the set of rules you need to learn in order to play Shadow War: Armageddon. It covers the items you need in order to play and the characteristics of each fighter type, along with a breakdown of a game turn – this will teach you movement, shooting, hand-to-hand combat and recovering from injuries, along with an explanation of the mechanics behind using terrain;
- extra rules for hiding, shooting modifiers for targeting enemies according to your weapon’s range and their cover status, overwatch, hurling grenades, reloading and running out of ammunition, parrying, critical hits and more;
- Advanced Rules: a set of optional rules adding yet more complexity to games – these cover damage caused by falling from heights, leaping over gaps or down from higher ground, stray shots and weapon failures, as well as the psychological effects of up-close warfare – fear, terror, hatred and frenzy all have their place;
- a detailed armoury, covering the different weapons, equipment and armour available, with profiles for all the gear available to Space Marines Scouts, Astra Militarum Veterans and Ork Boyz, complete with specialised ammunition types, different weapon optics and equipment;
- 6 missions, leading you through setting up the battlefield, deploying your kill teams, and the victory conditions for your game;
- a collection of evocative photography of Citadel miniatures, helping to visualise the kill teams and battles of Hive Acheron.


Shadow War: Armageddon features comprehensive rules for linking games together into a larger campaign:

- improve your warriors with a Skills table that confers persistent abilities and upgrades to the members of your kill teams, gradually turning them into a squad of elites;
- Special Operatives: battle-hardened fighters who can be added to your squad;
- Subplots: these are mission-specific rules that can add rivalries, psychological and physical effects to your games;
- Rewards of Battle – a post-mission phase determining your squad’s recovery from injury, advancement of skills and gathering of promethium;
- a reference guide making managing campaigns easier, with blank roster sheets.

As well as this, you’ll find the items needed to play the game itself:
- 3 translucent red plastic templates – a 3” small blast template, a 5” large blast template and an 8” teardrop-shaped flamer template, along with counters for identifying miniatures in states such as Overwatch and Hidden;
- a promethium tank counter and a bunker entrance counter, used for certain missions;
- 7 dice – 5xD6, a scatter die and an artillery die.

Shadow War: Armageddon can be expanded using a variety of existing Citadel miniatures. From the tab on the right you can download free PDFs containing rules for Adeptus Mechanicus, Chaos Space Marines, Dark Eldar, Eldar, Harlequins, Grey Knights, Necrons, Tau Empire, Tyranids and Genestealer Cults – these rules allow you to assemble kill teams made up of these armies, make use of their unique weapons and wargear, gain experience and skills in campaigns and recruit special operatives in the same way the kill teams from the rulebook can.

Jumping Off The Bandwagon!

Bandwagon Ho! Part 9 or how I hot finished.

All 3 together.

Roboute Guilliman, painted up as The Lion.

The Grey Knight Grand Master Voldus.

And the hide and seek champion .

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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Bandwagon Ho! Part 8

So I opened up a pot of nuln oil gloss tonight and I didn't spill any!

I gave the sword 3 coats to build up a, hopefully obsidian type

Not too bad.

Used the flash to see if I'd missed anything.

Side by side for comparison.

And I also gave one of the chosen helmets a wash. I prefer a mat finish. . .

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

First Squad Of Fallen

Started painting these tonight, and ran out of black so rather need to go up to Preston to pick some more up and maybe see if I can find out where the new shop will be.

Plasma galore!

And the normal guys.

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Bandwagon Ho! Part 7

Edge highlights on The Lion, trying to imply that he's standing with the sun behind him. Need a trip to Wigan or Preston to get some of the gloss nuln oil wash for the sword.

And a bit of pen work on the scroll.

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Monday, 27 March 2017

The Lion, Bandwagon Ho! Part 6

Started putting some paint on Rowboat tonight.

To keep in line with the latest background, I've given The Lion a couple of pieces green.

Still have the sword to do.

There's a couple of bits left to do beyond the sword, nuln oil on a couple of the purity seals, and some data on the screen at the back.

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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Chosen Formation, 26/03/17

Finished the build on these today.

27 of 30.

4 lots of plasma guns, no matter what it actually looks like.


The bolter marines.

And some roughed assembly photos. I plan to paint these up after I finish off Girlyman.

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I'd say this a rumor, but I trust the source, just redacted the name in case this is wrong to limit any come back on him.

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Saturday, 25 March 2017

The Chosen Formation

Snap shot of where I am up to on the Chosen Formation, need 3 more plasma guns or as I'm proxy ing lightening claws as plasma, I might just use the melta on the Prespero sprue as count as.
Keen eyed will note that the Fallen Champions aren't there and that in fact it's 4 short. To make up those numbers I'll be making 4 marines from the Prespero sprues to fill the numbers up.

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Bandwagon Ho! Part 5

So part 5 and still no paint on it!

Over the past couple of nights I've watched Twin Sun's and I liked the pose of Master Kenobi before his duel with Maul.

So wanted to try and do something similar with my version of The Lion.

Anybody got a little blue pill?
I've added a bit of paper clip to the blade to give it some rigidity. Currently waiting for it to cure and thinking of taking a hand off a something else to mount it on as well.

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Oldhammer Time

And Bandwagon Ho! Part 4.

At the big game we had down at Warhammer World, the guy that drove had a Space Wolf army and included the Forge World Leman Russ. As a joke while I was looking on ebay for something else I can across the orginal metal Leman Russ and though I'll get him that.

For some unknown reason it had been painted in Legion Of The Damned colours, an overnight soak and some tooth brush action had most of the paint off and some time with a needle file got the majority of it clean.

Bandwagon time, so I took some time to make it look less like an Ultra smurf.

Last night as well as the base I added some green stuff to a couple of plates to make it a couple look more sword like.

I also added the Wolf skull from the Dreadnought shield that comes in the Space Wolf Venerable kit as at this scale there not much difference between a Wolf and a Lion's skull.

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Monday, 20 March 2017

Bandwagon Ho! Part 3

About all I'm able to do tonight is the base, as I left the assembly instructions at home.

There's a shed load of detail on that base.

And another can of primer finished on these 20 marines, plan A is the arms go on the Fallen Angel Formation with the various arms I've already got, and the bodies will be dished out to The Lion's Blades to replace some standard plastic marines, their arms will go on the mk3s and the 20 replaced marines will be moved to the Knights of Blood.

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Worked On Some Dreads

But no buying of Dreads, so holding up my vow.

I started on these by adding magnets to the weapon mounts.

Before fitting weapons, 2 of these are getting 2 Kheres assault cannons, the other is getting options of either 2 twin linked las cannons or

2 multi meltas.

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