Saturday, 11 March 2017

Warhammer World 11/3/17

Big game at Warhammer World over, and now back home drinking a hot Vimto and putting Red Dead Redemption on, but photos first!
Was mildly worried we be on a standard table as the Bridge had been booked already, but the booking team had put us on the Tomb (King) World talk.

Obligatory Rhino photo

Out set up

Oppositions set up.

My man of the match, 29 las cannon, dark lance and blaster shots, of which 26 didn't even scratch the paint!

This was my second moment, one Contemptor had just taken the Knight to 1 hull point before getting the D in close combat, then the twin Kheres took that last point off.

I like Vulkite weapons, see that gap between the Rhinos? That was filled by a squad of 10 marines at the start of the shooting phase.

Thought I'd at least get a shot of the Storm Lord on his tracks, even though he had legs for today's game.

One of the guys beat the Ogre Burger challenge!

The Stormbird is huge.

And after the Ogre Burger challenge my mate needed some air.
So yes, as expected my army hemorrhaged victory points with my Dreads bit I did have 3 left and my Preator and Primus Medicare left at the end.

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