Monday, 13 March 2017

Update On The Dreads

I hear by solomly swear that I will not be buying another Dreadnought this year.

Before I packed away the Dreads I got all of them out to get a photograph.

The Telvig dreads, no plans to add anything to this lot bar the Wraith Knight but that's on hold for now.

Chaos Dreadnoughts Family Tree is done on the gw side, just the Contemptor from Forge World and a wait and see if the Deredo and Livvi get chaos corrupted versions.

All of the Knights of Blood dreads.

Will look at the weapons on these but I think that my plan will be to have them be counts as Contemptor Mortis patterns, just need to check the availability of guns. So no buying but can work on some dreads.

These I plan on working up into Deredos next year.

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