Sunday, 5 March 2017

Disruption To My Plans

No so much a spanner in the works as half a tool box.
Several shifts at a different location and the blessings of Grandfather Nurgle have knocked my monthly vow rather off track, and this is with a week to go.

I'm going to get this one

And this one sprayed black this week.
The legs from are planned to go on one of the other Abomination class dreads that's in The Lion's Blades, as one set of legs is on a time share between one of those and the one in the chaos family tree.

As I plan to eventually mount Deredo cannons on the 4 armed version, as one of these sets of legs is rather roughly magnetised, that set will be going to the Chaos version and the new set will be used on one of the The Lion's Blades models, the spare hull I'm not sure yet but might be used on a base for the Necron Knight.
The magnets arrived yesterday, but again I don't plan to do anything this week on the Knight as the big game is coming up next weekend, as well as the release of book 3 for of Gathering Storm and the latest Trimulative, those might just well dominate the monthly vow for March / April. Looking at the bundle and prices I've seen on ebay I might save a bit and buy some Crusade era Marines from eBay rather than the big bundle and I have plenty of robed marines knocking about to mess around with. With the allies chart coming out today as well, I'm thinking I need to get working on the Astra Millitari army to go along side that Formation.

The planned Fire Dragons will at least be started this week, I just need to get out the ones I've already painted to use as a guide.
So plan A spray Bjórn and Abomination black, paint hull and legs of the Abomination and paint 6 fire dragons and an Exarch. And make sure the Dreads are all in table top condition.

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