Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Oldhammer Time

And Bandwagon Ho! Part 4.

At the big game we had down at Warhammer World, the guy that drove had a Space Wolf army and included the Forge World Leman Russ. As a joke while I was looking on ebay for something else I can across the orginal metal Leman Russ and though I'll get him that.

For some unknown reason it had been painted in Legion Of The Damned colours, an overnight soak and some tooth brush action had most of the paint off and some time with a needle file got the majority of it clean.

Bandwagon time, so I took some time to make it look less like an Ultra smurf.

Last night as well as the base I added some green stuff to a couple of plates to make it a couple look more sword like.

I also added the Wolf skull from the Dreadnought shield that comes in the Space Wolf Venerable kit as at this scale there not much difference between a Wolf and a Lion's skull.

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