Friday, 3 March 2017

Blessing of Poppa Nurgle Are Upon Me

Got myself to the Doctors this morning and it turns out I've got a viral respiratory infection, just in time for Warhammer World next week.
With that in mind I'm putting the Necron Knight on hold till the magnets arrive and sort out my dreadnought army before next weekend.
In that vain I've got the officers into their own box, and making sure they are game ready for next week.

Old Cypher with arms blu tacked on, who is my Legion Preator.

An RT tech marine with big servo harness, as a Centurion Forge Father.

And the Primus Medicare in mk3 armour needing fixing back to the base and his arms putting back on, the tube of glue is staying in that box so that there's some for the big game, as will the big blob of blu tac.

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