Friday, 10 March 2017

Monthly Vow 12th of February to 12th of March

Couple of Days early, but I want to free up some on my memory card before Saturday.

The Necron Knight is currently on hold, the magnets have arrived but with shiny new things coming this week, can you forgive me?

The Wolf That Stalks The Stars, Thousand Sons pre Magnus colours Dreadnought, not Bjórn the Fell Handed. . .

Out of no where I picked up a long legged version of the Space Crusade dreadnought to finish off those with 3 Talons of 3.

My 3 officers for the game on Saturday got tidied up.

And a finishing touch on the Space Wolf Discipline Corps Centurion Dreadnought.
So next month's vow;
New Cypher! Big Bootey Girlyman! And the GK!
Fire Dragons!
Necron Knight!
And then start looking at some Guard.

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