Friday, 21 July 2017

Forge World Pre Orders 21/07/17


Built to approach its targets silently and with utmost stealth, the Kharon Pattern Acquisitor is deliberately made to be a thing of mystery and terrorist when its presence is unveiled. Used primarily in a paramilitary role by the Sisters of Silence, it can suppress civilian resistance with lethal effect, its hellion cannon cutting through rampaging mobs and destroying makeshift barricades. Against greater threats, various payloads of missiles can be deployed, including sophisticated antipsyker warheads.

This multi-part resin kit contains the parts needed to assemble a Kharon Pattern Acquisitor, a Dedicated Transport for a Talons of the Emperor army list. It’s an interestingly shaped craft, with an almost organic-looking hull dotted all over with the vents and exhausts needed to allow its stealthy movement on the battlefield.

There are two options for the access hatch – closed, with thick armour covering it,

or open, with the iris door clearly visible, ready to disgorge the warriors inside. The hull contains holes for inserting 2 8mm magnets (not included) to allow you to switch between the closed and open access hatch assemblies on the fly – of course, if you strongly prefer one, you can always glue it in place. As well as these details, the Acquisitor is armed with 2 missile launchers and 2 hellion cannon, one of each placed on either side of the hull.

This kit comes as 19 resin components, and is supplied with a 170 x 105mm oval base and a clear flying stem. Rules for the Sisters of Silence Kharon Pattern Acquisitor are available in The Horus Heresy Book Seven - Inferno.

And there's some BA Heresy transfers

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Dark Imperium Batch Two

Finished the Interceptors second squad this morning, as I need to get a move on with this lot what with the next expected set of releases this weekend

And during the evening I put together both B sprues and the A sprue as well so I have another Captain, a squad of Intercessors and a squad of Hellblasters. Planning to base coat all of these tomorrow day as my grown up wrangling skills have manged to allies 2 out 3 old friends on the same night to go and watch Dunkirk.
I also received Star Gate Universe Return To Destiny this week, which picks up a little bit after the show ends, Eli has worked out how to recharge Destiny from its FTL slip stream, but it's not a life saving effort it's a plaster that's bought him more time to fix his pod. Which needs parts that aren't in a section that's accessible from the explored sections of the ship , he has to trek over the hull, while in FTL, which may need looking at, but he finds the pods and some Ancient crew, who clearly have no idea how long they've been out fron Terra, but they patch up the ship and want to have a word with the Terran crew.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Plans For Primaris Astartes Codex Release

With the release of the 8th edition and yet another vanilla Codex first I've signed up to Element games and am waiting for their email regarding this weekends releases, but if what Naftka is saying is true I'm planning to order the codex and the Dreadnought

, bang goes that vow, and the small box set along side a box of the reivers to at least get a minimum size squad with 1 of those spare which I'll paint for the Nemesis Chapter.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Wibbly Wobbly 13th Doctor

Are they not counting John Hurt?

Jodie Whittaker , as I missed Broadchurch I have no idea who she is, but like all new Doctors give her a chance, I was against Matt Smith at first and he did a great job

Playing With The Hue 16/7/17

In glorious technocolour! *disclaimer * using basic phone software, anything beyond colour is still beyond me.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Brothers Squishy

Once upon a time, there were 3 brothers, not from the same mother and father but they were brothers of the many armed god, walker amongst the stars.
One day the Magos started the revolt against the false Emperor, but they failed to silence the Adeptus Abritras and a distress signal was sent out.
The Emperor’s Loyal Hounds Of War hurried to the aid of the mining colony.
The insurgent cultists had the upper hand until the Hounds arrived and ambushed the ambushers.
Things did not end well for the 3 Brothers Squishy.

Will clean the brushes and give the Interceptors a second coat after I've eaten and then tomorrow I'll work out stances

Friday, 14 July 2017

Interceptors Squad 2 And The Brothers Squishy

The 3 brothers squishy, 3 recently deceased Gene stealer cultists, these are on the bases as lifts for the Interceptors.

The 2nd Interceptor Squad.
One coat done, when dry these are getting packed away for the night.
I'm planning on second coat tonight, and a rough assembly.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Today From Forge World, 13/7/17

Legion Sicaran Punisher Assault Tank,


The Punisher-type Sicaran variant came into general use amongst the various Space Marine Legions in the final days of the Great Crusade, however the punisher rotary cannon it mounts has a far older history. Originally mounted on the now rare Cerberus pattern main battle tanks, the punisher had established a reputation as a deadly tool in the eradication of massed conscript infantry or hordes of swarming xenos creatures, limited only by its relatively short range and prodigious appetite for munitions. Married to the Sicaran hull, where the impressive speed of that vehicle effectively negated the short range of the weapon, and the complex feed assemblies developed as part of the various Terran accelerator cannon, the punisher is once again in widespread use among the Legions, though now it is employed against the very warriors it was intended to protect.

This multi-part resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Legion Sicaran Punisher Assault Tank, a Heavy Support choice for Space Marines in The Horus Heresy and an Elites choice in Warhammer 40,000. A high-speed ‘destroyer’ tank, the Sicaran Battle Tank has seen countless battlefields, complementing the more common Predator and Land Raider designs. This variant boasts the same basic hull shape – very much a case of function over form, though its wide tracks and thick armour give the miniature a certain austere charm – with an imposing punisher rotary cannon bolted to the top, ready to fire a ceaseless barrage of high calibre shells.

The hull is covered with details; cables, connectors and ammo feeds for the various weapons (along with the punisher rotary cannon you’ll find 2 lascannon and 3 heavy bolters, one of which is front-mounted), and the tiniest viewing window imaginable. Exclusive to this variant are the special turret head, the rotary cannon itself and a sensor array.

This resin kit comes as 54 components, and rules for using it in games of The Horus Heresy are available as a PDF download.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Monthly Vow 12th July To The 12th of August

Only half of the first batch of Dark Imperium got done, but I have been working a lot this month.
Plan is only buying some bolt pistols this month from eBay, not sure if that'll hold out though, and save this month's budget for when the new Vanilla Codex lands and some of the toys that'll be coming out alongside of that, as GW have said " if rules are in the codex, it will have a model when the Codex is released". That fat boy dread is number one on the list, beyond that part 2 of the box and maybe a multi part box of those Reivers if they aren't to expensive. To paint for next month is the second batch of Primaris Astartes and finish off the standard.
So last months review;

The first 3 minis painted, the captain, a conversion of the Ancient to make him a Lieutenant and the Lieutenant.
I'm saying these 2 were normal Marine Veterans that have undergone the Primaris process and drafted into the Hounds as officers.

And the first Primaris Astartes Hounds Lieutenant.

The Interceptor Squad with squishy, I'm thinking of adding more to the bases of the next 3 as I've never been a fan of flying bases.

The Intercessor Squad 1.

The Ancient Brother Bethor is going to get an arm swop from the sword to a pistol.

Intercessor Squad 2

The Hellblaster squad