Thursday, 21 September 2017

Plastic Venerable Dread

Dread number 3 is begun.

I packed my cutters tonight before setting off for work.

Got the 3 colours base coated around doing what I'm actually supposed to do.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Replacement Veteran Sergeant

I won the games day DA Veteran Sgt on ebay and decided to pull an old model from that army and put this one into the vacant position.

Base coated

Finished and the older mini that's being bounced

I also fitted magnets and green stuff to the Terminator arms.

After a glue related mishap, I green stuffed the front plate onto the rest of the Dreadnought hull.

Metal Caseterferrum Venerable Dreadnought Number 5

Not as catchy as Mambo number 5. . .

I painted this one up over Monday & Tuesday having had both days off.

And this guy, well I had to raise a case with ebay as I didn't get it in 3 weeks and the seller only replied to 1 message. Escalated the case this morning at just before 8am and within an hour I'd had a refund. Now to find another one.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Dreadnought Number 2

Base coated the old school metal dread, I have 3 days off in a row so will get the white and blue on before I'm back in at work on Wednesday.

Mongrel Horde For Blood Bowl


Disorganised but deadly, The Mongrel Horde is a unique Blood Bowl team – the only Chaos Renegades to field a Troll, Minotaur and Ogre at the same time! Should you want to field them – and there are lots of good reasons for doing so – this is the bundle for you, including as it does:

- A box of 12 Reikland Reivers (use the extra Catchers, Throwers and Blitzers as additional Linemen);
- A box of 4 Blood Bowl Goblins;
- A Blood Bowl Troll;
- A Blood Bowl Ogre;
- A Blood Bowl Minotaur;
- A set of Chaos Renegades Team Coins And Tokens.


Are you looking for an appropriate Big Guy for your Chaos Renegades Blood Bowl team? Boy oh boy, have we got the bundle for you – a Minotaur, and a set of coins and tokens for your team. Included:

- A Blood Bowl Minotaur - this kit comes as 6 components, and is supplied with 2 bases – a 32mm round base, and a 32mm round Blood Bowl base, featuring a slot to place a ball in;
- A set of Chaos Renegades coins and tokens for use in your games of Blood Bowl. It’s got 2 resin turn markers and 2 resin coins included – paint them up, and get playing.


Minotaurs’ enormous strength, minimal intelligence and vicious, depraved mentality would appear to make them almost perfect Blood Bowl players. Fortunately for most other players however, few coaches allow Minotaurs in their team. This is mainly because of their disconcerting habit of going berserk before, during and after the match and attacking anyone or anything that gets in their way: friends, foes – even the coach!

This multi-part resin kit contains the components you need in order to assemble a Blood Bowl Minotaur. You can field him as a Big Guy for your Chaos, Chaos Dwarf, Chaos Chosen or Chaos Renegades team – he definitely lives up to this, looking both pretty big and pretty chaotic. Densely packed with powerful muscle, the Minotaur is stomping forth with fury, challenging any opposing player to get in the way of his bunched fists and enormous horns. He’s not particularly heavily armoured, but the bits of armour he has strapped on are menacing and spiky, with a delightful skull on the right shoulder; this probably used to belong to someone who didn’t get out of the way quickly enough.

This kit comes as 6 components, and is supplied with 2 bases – 1 32mm round base, and 1 32mm round Blood Bowl base, featuring a slot to place a ball in. Rules for the Minotaur can be found in Death Zone Season Two!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Happy, Happy Day

Tonight I get to start my 5th metal Caseterferrum Venerable Dreadnought to go alongside the Soul of the Legion The Warden in White, Guardian of the Legions Rites, The Herald Of The First Legion, The Wall Of Berlyn, The One Winged Angel.

And the Red Laird, he was formerly a Librarian dread for the Knights of Blood, but currently doesn't have a position as the Knights of Blood are on pause at the moment.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Hounds Contemptor

First one done! It's looking like Ive been stung by a scammer on ebay for a Mk1 dreadnought though, I've got to wait to escalate the case to the next step on the 20th.

I'm also getting a 2nd Vulkite to share between this one and the Storm Lord

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Hounds Contemptor

Winding up for tonight, got the first of this month's Dreadnoughts up to the 1st coat of white and the guns have been dry brushed with metallic

Monthly Vow 12th Of September To The 12th Of October

Big one this month, off down to Warhammer World on the 30th, my army us done, just need to do an integrity check on them before we go.
Vow wise it's another Dread Filled Month, I have the Chaos Mk1, plastic Venerable, the old metal Venerable Dread and a plastic Contemptor, with an Ironclad dreadnought on its way and I should have a Mk1 dreadnought on its way but the seller is being cagey and not answering messages. There is also a Chaplain bought that I'll be picking up on the 30th, a 2nd Redemptor Dreadnought as well that's going in The Lion's Blades as well as a Hellblaster Combat Squad.
For the last month I didn't get much done, just the Hounds Redemptor

And some work on the plastic chuck added some magnets to the weapons.

I also painted a gun slinger captain for The Hounds.

And a chest plate for the 2nd Redemptor

I finished the Ancient Brother Bethor with a sword swop.

So now Bethor looks at ease and the Assault Squad Sgt looks dynamic.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Another Holiday

With, currently, 5 Dreads on the build list next month, I'm having a few days off.

I'm also at a bit of a loss of what to do as my buying budget went on next month's Vow rather than this months vow.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Hellblaster Squad

Imperial observers have likened the fire of a Hellblaster Squad to the incinerating power of a stellar flare. Bolt after bolt of plasma sears across the battlefield; those caught in the Hellblasters’ sights are swiftly annihilated, their armour blasted to ash and their flesh and bone to glowing motes. Even armoured fighting vehicles are swiftly reduced to heaps of metallic slag. Deployed at the correct point and time, a single Hellblaster Squad can blunt the thundering assault of an armoured spearhead, or lay low even the most titanic alien fiend.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a 5-man Primaris Hellblasters Combat Squad, complete with a Sergeant. Clad in Mk X power armour, they eschew the complex variations of wargear many of their battle-brothers carry, preferring instead to focus on and specialise in a single-armament specialism – plasma.

The whole squad can be armed with a host of plasma weaponry – there are 5 plasma incinerators included, with the components required to turn any of them into an assault plasma incinerator or heavy plasma incinerator, depending on your preference. The assault and heavy variants feature alternate muzzles, ammunition flasks and different cabling attaching the weapon to the Hellblasters’ backpack. There are 2 incinerators which are being carried rather than aimed; you have the option to arm a Hellblaster with a plasma pistol in the other hand.

A problem (some call it a bonus…) of plasma weaponry is its tendency to overheat; there are several optional components reflecting this. Bare head options featuring nasty burns are included for the Sergeant, and there are bionic arms included, heavily implying lost limbs in plasma accidents. There are also plenty of pistol holsters, reliquaries, grenade sets and purity seals included.

The Primaris Hellblasters Combat Squad comes as 125 components, and is supplied with 5 Citadel 32mm Round bases and a transfer sheet.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Results Of The Arm Swop

Both minis that were affected by the arm swop,

Ancient Brother Bethor with the gift sword from the Ultramarines Chapter

And Assault Squad Sgt

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Long Day, Long Night

I had a long day this morning, not as long as planned, I didn't end up in Burnley for starters, but didn't get much sleep as I was trying to sort my daughter out with stuff for college.

So being tired I didn't want to overload myself tonight with painting.
I ran the arm options past the DA group on Facebook and the at ease pose was the winner. I gave it an ushabati bone base coat and later gave it a light coat of screaming skull.

As I took this arm off an assault squad Sgt, actually an old Death Guard mini, I've painted the other arm black and will put it back on him in the morning before I go to bed.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Completed The Chest Plate

Now I just need the rest of the Dreadnought to go with it.
Simple basic paint job with some minor embellishments.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Time Keeping

My youngest daughter had arranged to come round today at 4pm but was delayed, so I played around with the spare Redemptor Dreadnought chest plate and some of the DA parts I had spare, I chopped up one of the icons from a Nephilim and roughed it up with blu tack

This is where I got bored while waiting for said youngest, at least she didn't try the whole "I'd fallen asleep" line.

I mixed up some green stuff and fitted the 3 icons to plate.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Plans For The Second Redemptor Dreadnought

As I've already said, I'm buying a second one of these while down at Warhammer World, I briefly had some time at home to mess around and add some DA bits to the Hounds one to see what it'll look like.

These might be a bit big so I'm looking for some smaller icons to fit under the Aquila.

And happy with these 2.