Saturday, 22 April 2017

Howling Griffins Part 3

Amazing Commissar Cos playing the drive me closer , I want to hit them with my sword meme.

Back to my stuff.

I'd forgotten to do the body, pack and head of this guy yesterday.

Started the bone on the bodies and arms and heads.

And then half yellow on all the bits.
I've worked on the weapons for the Honour Guard after I'd finished the painting.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Yellow Legs, Red Legs

Red leg, yellow leg.

And the 3 bodies for the extended Honour Guard, an Imperial Fist, a Crimson Fist and a Celestial Lion.

The Imperial Fist, happy with the yellow

And the 3 I've been working on overnight.
Howling Griffins bodies & heads, a Hammers of Dorn body & head, and a shed load of arms planned for tonight, must remember to bring the arms and pick up some glue.

Announcement Tomorrow!

From GW

Big news on the way tomorrow, folks.
Join us at on the Warhammer Community site tomorrow at 14:00 UK time to find out what...

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Leg Day

For a laugh, can you spot Kharn the Betrayer?

Don't skip it. I'd started out tonight to just get the legs done for the Howling Griffins, but I managed to get the legs done for the Carmine Blades and the 4 extra Honour Guard I'm painting.
All legs got base coated, using Ushabati bone as a base for yellow on the Griffins, an Imperial Fist and a Celestial Lion, I'm also doing a Crimson Fist and a Troll of the Ultramarines, sorry a Hammer Of Dorn. I'm looking at an Emperor's Champion for a Black Templar.

I gave them all a wash as well before packing up for the night.
And now for something completely different, came across this on twitter and ran it through Prisma.

Nemesis Chapter Stern Guard

Next squad finished for the Victrix Guard Formation, this time round it's the Nemesis Chapter, one of the few Ultramarines Chapters that seems to have personality and specialise in Exterminartus actions.

Nice simple colour scheme, not as striking as the Mentors colours though.
Next up is Howling Griffins.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Honour Guard And Captain Cato Sicarus

I like this idea, I might even expand the squad at some point to include other Sons Of Dorn. I started off with the idea of showing how Girlyman coming back is unifying the Astartes and what better way than having Girlyman's Herald travel with representatives from the other Legions.

The Honour Guard is made of Chapters that compete in the Feast Of Blades, I've used the Iron Knights as the Chapter Champion the Hammer is planned to be either a Thunder Hammer or Relic Blade, the Shadow Wolves Champion has a Relic Blade.

The Fists Exemplars Champion also has a Relic Blade. And Cato Sicarus comes as he is in the Codex.

I can see me adding some extra Marines to the Honour Guard to take it up to the max squad value, I'm already thinking of getting the Emperor’s Champion for this squad and with a few left overs from the planned squads I might just start that when done with the squads of Stern Guard and Vanguard Veterans.

Shadow Wolves Champion

This is a simple conversion, all I've done is to cut the chainsword off and replaced it with double falchions as a Relic Blade.

I've had to tweek the brightness of the photos as it's the usual grey murk in Lancashire today.
And yes I still use Prisma.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

A Single Fist Exemplars

Simple plan for last night, only slightly derailed by the fact I forgot I'd taken the dark blues out of the project box, so I did a single mini for the Honour Guard.
I'd gone through a list on wiki about 2nd Founding Chapters and found out about the Fist Exemplars, colours are primer grey and yellow details.

I put a gloss nuln oil wash on it and when dry I added the details.

These colours are very simple and rather striking when finished.

And I also ran a couple of pics through Prisma as I've not used it for a while.

Mentor Stern Guard Squad

This one took 2 nights, like washing in the old days, whites got done one night

And colours got done the next.

I had always been leery of touching Mentors, as the cartoon artwork in the Compendium didn't want me to do them.

Once I got the minis assembled I actually really like how these look.

About only regret I have is that I did the eagles while tired and they ended up looking more like Ibis.
So next up is another Stern Guard Squad, I've decided to drop the Genesis Chapter and go with Nemesis Chapter, the rements of the Ultramarines Legion Destroyer Cadre which is a storm grey and midnight blue shoulders and hands.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Iron Knight Champion And Mentors Stern Guard Squad

After 4 nights off and a lovely lunch with my youngest and my ex step mum, ( it's really weird asking your dad if his new partner is going to be my 3rd mummy), I was ready to get back to it. The Wolf helmet marine hasn't arrived yet, if I'm lucky it might arrive today, but not expecting it till next week in all honesty.
What I did start was the Iron Knight Champion

I gave him a Corvus hammer as I can play that as Thunder Hammer or Relic Blade, and swopped the bolter for a close combat weapon, hence the sword on his back.

I also added some gold to the trim on Cato.

Around these I did the legs, arms, and shoulders white for the Mentors Stern Guard Squad

Bright Crusaders From Forge World


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