Sunday, 31 December 2017

2017 Review

Or why haven't you done this?
Quicker to start with these 2
Still exactly where they were last year, nothing touched.
Plans for 2018
Get 8th ed Codex and then work on them a bit at a time when I can see a path for them.
Again very little done on this in fact one of the few things I did do got sold onto a mate and in 8th are a murder squad with the Web way portal strategy .
Plans for 2018
Nothing planned might just sell these to fund some other stuff.

Well they got some reinforcements with 3 lots of heavy weapon teams in need of painting
The General, her Naval conterpart, and a Primaris Psyker.
Plans for 2018
Got the Vanguard Detachment in mind to run these with as I'm already there with HQ, elites , and troops. From there it'll be just keeping an eye on what's cheap in Ebay.

Well crap they're all dead now. . .
So I bought the easy build Redemptor Dreadnought for these
And after looking through the archive I found I finished the Optimus Class Librarian Dreadnought as well this year.
Plans for 2018
Buy Codex, work out a new name and/ or buy a couple of minis to use as Inquisitors and call one Deckard and the other will be named after his Sgt and have them turn up on turn 5 with a couple of squads of marines to catch them. . . Idea - as I made the Honour Guard Formation for Gathering Storm, I could use those as the marines chasing the Knights of Blood , need to get Index one out. . . But I do like that idea.

Lost my train of thought now .

So yes 8th threw a bit of a spanner in the works and I didn't get the tanks I was looking at for this, or anything else for that matter.
I did find a Brother Bethor minus his other arm so after I had made the 2nd Ancient a Lieutenant (see later) I gave Bethor the new plastic banner
The Lion's Blades also got my second Redemptor Dreadnought, I can't say enough how much I love these kits and that was part of the reason I did what I did later.
They also got a Hellblaster Combat Squad.
Plans for 2018
Read the codex take it in and re cost what I have, (again), I am thinking of adding some of the drop troops and probably give them the plasma guns or leave it loose if the build option allows. Still thinking about adding another flyer but budget is going to be tight next year.

I did buy book 2 and book 3 of these and my God Girlyman gets plot armour level 12.
So the Cypher Chosen Formation got filled out in a hugely not wysiwyg 3 squads of robed marines, mostly there's a couple of plastic mk2/3 in there as well, but no photo of these.
The other formation I did for this army was the Honour Guard, I went 3 Stern Guard, Howling Griffins, Mentors Chapter, Nemesis Chapter, and one Vanguard Veterans Squad with 10 Honour Guard from the various Imperial Fist Legion Successor Chapters.
The Grey Knight Grand Master is doing nothing and might get sold and I painted Girlyman black and re worked the sword to remove the flames and of course the hide and seek champion that's a nice mini to paint and does look much better in black than in white.
Plans for 2018
Buy a couple of minis to use as Inquisitors to command the Honour Guard Detachment run with the Vanguard Detachment rules.

Yes thank you 8th, like a lot of players I ended up with a new army this year, but not the one I had intended, I ended up with The Emperor’s Loyal Hounds Of War, or The Hounds for short.
I'm taking these to a tournament next weekend realistically I'm playing for the wooden spoon as I'm not a competitive player below is the army I'm taking
I also got to do a loyalist dreadnought family tree for this army as well

Plans for 2018
I plan to go through the Knights box and just use them as a Demi Company, so anything extra is getting bounced from them into The Hounds next year. No real plans to expand these beyond that, although if I can find cheap Predator tanks they'll get added to these guys.

The Björn project
This was a for a laugh project, get the various versions of Björn painted up and them try making him in a Redemptor Dreadnought kit, nearly there with that one, should have it finished for the 12th.

So I've mentioned a tight budget a couple of times , because I'll be helping out my oldest for when she comes home from China next year by putting a wedge aside each month , but should be able to get some stuff each month, hence cheap and minimal plans.

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