Wednesday, 3 January 2018

First Plan Of 2018

So before bath and bed before work I'll share my plan while I wait Codex Harlequins to get published;
After getting some feed back on Inquisition Orders I'm going to form these into a Vanguard Detachment with an Inquisitor and Captain from the Ordo Astartes leading.
I plan to fill out enough slots to eventually run it as a battalion by adding 2 Tactical Squads either plasma or grav and a full squad of 10 Intercessors, around that I'm thinking 2 squads of 3 Inceptor with Plasma, most likely painted for The Lion's Blades, to get as much use as possible and 2 full 10 man squads of Hellblasters as well.
Taking the DA Codex to work tonight to cost stuff up so will have a rough idea of costs and prices when I'm in work tonight

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