Sunday, 7 January 2018

06/01/18 Tournament

Had my first tournament since 2010ish yesterday, and came 45th out of 58 players although one guy  dropped out so a second guy had to sit out the final game, as my objective was avoid the wooden spoon and not get tabled in all 3 games I did achieve those objectives, I did get tabled in my 2nd game against a tailored list of 3 Knights, 4 Assassins and a Psyker, but when I saw what I was facing I froze up. But seeing as I hadn't played my list before yesterday and haven't faced that kind of list before I'm not sure how I would have done anything g different.
My first game was close till turn 4 then accelerated away from me and my last game was against Jack and his Eldar and it was close up to turn 4 again then I started loosing units and his Wraith Knight was left unopposed.
Also I've already equaled the number of games I got in last year.

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