Thursday, 11 January 2018

Monthly Vow, 12th of January To The 12th of February

This month has had a couple of distractions, Christmas and The winter warmer tournament.
For that I still needed to get the Razorback finished and swopped the turrets over from heavy bolters to the assault cannons, which need to go back into the Land Raider box.
The Enorm Björn got done at last!  I really do like the Redemptor Dreadnought kit , and I'm fairly sure that at some point down the line there will be some chapter shoulder, pectoral, and shin plates produced by GW.
Timberwolf got an upgrade as well as a second arm option, so he can have either the claw or the Seige drill.
And I got the easy build Redemptor Dreadnought and painted it up for the Knights of Blood.
For next month I've got an Assault squad to paint for The Hounds, I've got the Dæmon Prince Calgar to paint, need to find a couple of heavy bolters for this one, and I've got the flexible resin ammo feeds for the Aggressor squad so I can mount the magazines in a standard position rather than where ever you can with the plastic feeds that came in the kit, depending on wages I'm thinking of at least a squad of mk4 marines for my planned Ordo Astartes strike force, cash permitting it'll be 2.

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