Saturday, 27 January 2018

Forging Ahead

Had a wonderful coach ride up to Preston today as we're still not allowed trains on our railway line at weekends because they're still upgrading the line to electric, only a couple of years over schedule as I'm sure my oldest was supposed to have been able to use the new trains at the end of her Masters degree, she's been in China for 3 years now. . .
On track , so got home and my last squad for the February vow had arrived! I've now got everything I need for next month's Vow , there's 20 mk4 marines, 10 Intercessors, 5 Hellblasters and 6 Inceptors. The Hellblaster squad and Inceptor squads are going to be black for my DA Successor Chapter. 10 of the mk4 are going to match the captain I painted this month and one of the remaining squads is going to be Mentors Chapter colours, thinking the Primaris squad which leaves one squad open. I'm thinking of painting these 10 to match the yellow and grey dread, and possibly re painting one of the others in Mentors Chapter colours.

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