Monday, 15 January 2018

Base Line For The Lion's Blades 1st and 2nd Company

Still working on my base lines for this year ,  I got out my 1st and 2nd Company, as well as my Dreads, all 69 of them, posting up tomorrow.
Onto the 1st Company, no plans to do anything with these, although I do now have 2 Tartarus Terminators spare.
My 2nd Company, minus the Nephilim.
With the move to 8th my bike squads are now under strength, so the plan is 2 bikes for each squadron and as the Land Speeder squadron can  now be taken in 5s I'll be adding 2 more of these, and maybe replace the demigryphs with bikes at some point. Will get at least one of the easy build versions and one of the full versions to compare the experience of working with them. The 6 bikes I will trust to ebay to provide, although I have found 2 bikes while I've been going through boxes the last few days, so I only need 4 bikes.

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