Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Getting Set For The ITC

If ever I needed a reminder about why I don't really do bases it was brought crashing home to me yesterday.

I got the army out for January to make sure it would fit on a tray.

I divided it up into batches to put coloured ring on bases so I can see what squads are what at a glance.
I then set about the joyous task of basing them with Astro granite and agrax earthshade wash.

I'm thinking of getting some of the Mars stuff to try out next on the Guard army I'm not doing.

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WestRider said...

I really like the Martian Ironearth. Put a dark red or something underneath, and then really slop it on, and it gives a great cracked appearance. Even better when you mix it up with some patches of Martian Ironcrust, and drybrush over it all with a couple of lighter oranges. But even just one of them by itself is nice.

If you thin the Ironearth down with Lahmian Medium, it works great for dust that's settled into the low spots of scenic details on bases. Dries super matte, and it doesn't crack when it's that thin.