Sunday, 17 December 2017

Mk1 Razorback With Heavy Bolter Turret

This mini is mostly so I don't get nit picked off the board by fielding a black tank with my majority Primaris Astartes army, I just need to dig out the assault cannon turret to mount on it.

I picked it up off ebay on the 12th and frankly wasn't expecting it before Monday, it landed on Thursday.

Kharak stone base and a nuln oil wash.
The turret had been glued but I was able to lever it off without too much effort, just a shame the only other gun set I have is the las cannon twin plasma gun which is no longer legal.

I gave it 3 thin coats of white last night.

And got the blue and red on it tonight, around working on the Enom Björn, but that's for another night when it's closer to being finished.

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