Thursday, 14 December 2017

January Project

The past 2 nights I've been sequestered in hospital, and I have one more shift here before I gladly go back to my normal location. The reason for this aside and insight into my working life is I've had time on my hands and during a conversation on Facebook last night about which character(s) in 40k could do with being killed, Marneus Calgar's name got banded about more than once.
Now I'm not a fan of Poppa Smurf but I think a better end for him would be to have his jealously stoked to such a degree by the Primaris Astartes that he goes full Luther and takes several chapters worth of Ultramarines Successors with him to Chaos and becomes a Dæmon Prince.

I've picked this up dirt cheap on ebay and am looking at a fine cast version in power armour for the eagle head back pack to hack up for additional decoration on the prince, I'm not sure about a head though I don't want to go to dæmon looking so might see if I can finesse a Terminator helmet on there.
The reason I'm keeping the Ultramarines details on is a huge 2 fingers salute to Rowboat and the Primaris Astartes.
Will need a Dæmon Prince mini some blue paint and a new pot of gold for this. As I've said this is absolutely the first major project in 2018, will it lead to a Fallen Ultramarines Chaos Army? Not planned to as of yet.

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