Sunday, 26 February 2017

Necron Knight 26/02

Started working on this one tonight, this is purely a Chop Shop Special, built by the Great and Mighty Oz of The Emerald Empire Dynasty, rules wise it'll use the Eldar Wraith Knight as it feels better than the lumbering Imperial Knight.

The Throne, when the magnets arrive I plan to cut the ball joint on the front down and fit a couple of pairs of magnets so it can be removed for transport.

The side plates are fitted where I plan for them to be later, I just might file some areas down so they fit better.

The ribs, I had planned to fit 3 sets with minimum work, but that minimum work has gone. I'll have to cut the spine off and fit the ribs around the chest, and add a shield to the front but not sure on the number of ribs I'll be able to fit.

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Greg Hess said...

This is going to be quite the project!