Friday, 10 February 2017


As I've mentioned before, I've had a pretty big hole shot into my budget by my wonderful, hard working and far away eldest daughter for the last few months, as a result I've not bought much since November.
I've been planning what I was going to buy from Warhammer World for a while but with the new plastic Cypher incoming next month my carefully structured purchasing plan has also had a hole put in it. So this morning I've gone to the bank and checked my savings account and I'll have a budget of about £150 to take down and blow, I'm expecting part 3 of the Storm series to be another £30 and I'm hoping the 2nd Trimulative is £50 which leaves me 60 for the Forge World store and some cash for food.

So while down there do I buy the laser Destroyer vindicator and finish off a the Hammer Of Caliban formation,

or do I buy the Possessed Contemptor and finish off the Chaoa Dreadnought Family Tree project?

I'm posting this tucked up in bed, after a bath trying to get to sleep before a trying shift tonight, have a selfie

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