Thursday, 2 February 2017

Hints Of What's To Come

These are taken from a post by Marc Chong in 40k For Grown Ups.
- Biel-Tan is fractured and it sounds like a lot of Eldar die in the process

- Yvraine and the Visarch are totally new characters - Not Malys, Yriel or Vect

- The Ynnari are trying to unite all Aeldari, but a lot of Eldar refuse and Chaos actively seeks them out

- Vect is mentioned as being supremely annoyed at the Ynnari

- Eldrad is put on trial, as he's not supposed to try and alter the Eldar's fate without permission.

- Whole goal of Yvraine is to recreate the cycle of Eldar reincarnation, without actually having to kill all Aeldari

- There are five "crone swords" needed to complete Ynnead. Each of the triumvirate holds one, two are missing for now

Speculation is mine here ;
Could the Dawn Sword be one of the missing Crone Swords?
This gets at least the Far Sight Enclave into the game if not the greater Tau Empire and leaves one somewhere else.

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