Saturday, 18 February 2017

Poxy Proxy Predator/Banesword

So after BoLS getting my name work I thought I'd do a little retrospective on the Poxy Proxy Predator.

The blog title comes from this the Poxy Proxy Predator itself in all it's orange glory, with blue tacked heavy bolters and a 1:72 tiger turret. That turret is still in use, with a magnetised autocannon, on a Predator in The Lion's Blades.

This started in 09, after being made redundant from a job that I loved at Leyland Trucks, I thought I'd better have something to keep my mind active while I was looking for work. It took 2 years to find another job. In the mean time I started the blog to document my progress on Poxy. I found a large scale tank model that I was able to cut up and it fitted very well with the orange half of the technic kit box

For a while I ran it as a Predator, until I had a game with a mate and he brought a Bane blade along, the Poxy was as big so it was the first thing to get bumped from one army, I was going to start a Guard army with major cyber enhancement to denote a Skittarii army, this was before GW brought out just that army a few years later.

So one Easter I was reading through an old issue of White Dwarf that features the various super heavy tanks and I got looking at the Poxy and settled on the Banesword over the others as it didn't feel over powered , not a D weapon, and I was able to get something close weapon wise knocked up

So far the Proxy Banesword has only had a couple of games and is currently back on the list of stuff to re-work when I can find the bits that I want, cheaply.

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