Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Big Game

The group is having a big game at Warhammer World in March and 3 of us have 30k armies and 3 have 40k armies, handy for teams.
We'd started out at 2000 points for all but after looking at points it was decided to give the 30k players a boost by adding 20% to our total, giving up 2400.

All in the above was a melta bomb under 2000 , with the Preator, Forge Father Centurion and Legio Medicare Centurion as my only infantry men.
With the extra points I'm looking at a twin Assault cannon Contemptor, with a borrowed set of legs from the Optimus Class Librarian Dreadnought, as the tank isn't a GW product and might get me in trouble with the security trolls, beyond that bling for the Centurion and check the up grades to see what else I can take on the Dreads.

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