Sunday, 5 April 2015

Yer My Wife Now Dave

So yesterday morning was mucking about in 40k For Grown Ups group, and someone dropped The League Of Gentlemen quote "local shop for local people" I happened to menation I grew up in one of the villiages that Steve Pemberton based Roysten Vasey on and how he'd toned it down (I'm sure the Butchers was based on the one on Babylon Lane in Adlington and Pauline from the Job Club was 100% based on the Deputy Head at St. Michaels in Chorley), I also mentioned I'm doing Harlequins and someone suggested that I should do Pappa Lazouru, one of the creepiest characters in the whole series, which is some going. As I'd planned to get the 3 of the 4 Star Players painted this weekend it was easy to sort out, so a quick google search and away I went. This replaces Catwoman in my army list.

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