Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Exodite Eldar Of Telvig

The Exodite Eldar of Telvig are my next project

The Treeman as Avatar, Farseer, Waywatcher as Rangers, the Black Scorpion Pirate Girls are possibly going to be the crew for any tanks, the photo bombing lizard will be being re-painted to match and lastly we have Seksikäs the Honoured Ancient that has been this weekends WIP.

One coat of dry brushing

Lot of interest on the base on Facebook, I got them from Troll Traders Ebay store.

And finished weapon options.

Yes I've used Dark Lances as Bright Lances my reasoning is these are Exodites their tech is old fashioned.

A 2nd Scatter Las is on order.

And the twin linked shuriken catapult.

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