Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Emperor’s Loyal Hounds Of War

One of the new Chapters created for Guilliman's Indomitus Crusade, The Loyal Hounds Of War have gene seed that's is proven to be from the Ultramarines, they have styled and trained themselves in many schools of war, favouring missions of extermination and not having to worry about collateral damage, Guilliman's investigation into the province of their gene seed points to The Nemesis Chapter alongside other, wilder elements of the Ultramarines Chapters.
In Void engagements they favour boarding actions via torpedoes and landing craft.
So far they have been fighting on the fringe of the Crusade, away from others and as far from Imperial over sight as possible.
Within the chapter itself there is a strong sense of brotherhood between the Primaris Astartes, they do follow the Codex, but the brotherhood fostered within the chapter is greater than the Codex and strike forces from the Hounds will feature squads draw from various companies, and a flexible approach to combat situations.


Nick W said...
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Nick W said...

Nothing suspicious here, it says "Loyal" right in the title! No one has ever heard of the War Hounds anyway