Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Primaris Strike Force Thunderchild

The Unnumbered Sons seem to be the way to go for a 3 chapter strike force, as I just can't decide which one to go with.

This was the Ancient, but I'm running it as a Mentors Chapter Lieutenant.

The Nemesis Chapter Lieutenant.

And Loyal Hounds Of War Captain.

Now on to plans; with the leaking of the 2 box sets and the Captain and Librarian for next month (boy was I wrong), the plan for now, providing the Naftka leaks on the price are right, is half on 2 boxes again and at least the Librarian, if I have cash to spare the Captain will be added.

The plan for painting.

With the Lieutenants , I'm adding the Ancient into that batch to make 6 and doing 2 from each chapter.
If I have the cash spare the plan is for 3 Captains, with 1 from each chapter and the Librarian being fron the Blood Ravens, but if I'm saving money the Librarian will be from which ever chapter doesn't have a Captain.

The Squads.

The 4 Intercessor Squads
One from each Chapter and most likely a second Mentors Chapter squad.

2 Inceptor Squads
Most likely will be Hounds

2 Hellblaster Squads
One each from Mentors Chapter and Nemesis Chapter.

4 Reiver Squads.
Plan for these is 2 squads from the Nemesis Chapter and 2 from the Hounds.

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