Friday, 11 March 2016

Monthly Vow 12/2 to 12/3/16. The Dread Filled Month

For once I was ambitions and successful! Everything I'd planned to get done, got done.

Start point, Black Shield, Death Company Dread and the Space Crusade Dreads.

Black Shield for The Knights Of Blood

The Death Company dread which was on pause after this.

And these guys got black on their shoulder paldrons.

I added a shield from the Furioso kit to the legs on these 2, and re names the Chaplin Dread Sephiroth and the metal venerable is now The Eternal Guard.

This is the Paladin I'm going to swop for one of the Nobility Of Old Troupe, while I waited for the Bjórn kit to land.

When that arrived I made a start on Timberwolf, changing his weapon arms around and giving him twin linked heavy flamers on one arm and a flamer on the other.

Also got the Murder Fang claws on this Death Company dread.

And built the Bjórn with the Furioso case front, I hadn't taken the gun arm with me that night, so had to use the Frag cannon.

And got them finished off.

And got this guy painted up, I had orginally planned to add a sword to the front of this but I was pursued to go with the shield instead

Which does look better and hides that rather large blood drop.

I also got the last rider built and painted up for my chop shop Skyweavers and got 9 of 10 Death Jesters painted up for my counts as Shadow Spectors squad.

Both Grandfather Telvig and Grandmother, The Lady Aave got their correct base.

And then I started on my last bit, 3 Spirit Warriors that I'll be using as counts as War Walkers.

And here they are, The Wardens of the North, The White Walkers.

So next month, where do I go after getting all of those half arsed efforts into 1 month?
I've got a plan, I'm buying another of the new Jesters for the Shadow Spectors to finish them off, I'm keeping an eye on Space Marine bikes on Ebay this month, 3 more and I have 3 full squads, then I'll be looking at buying Land Speeders..., I'm also keeping an eye on old metal Wraith Lords as I want 1 more so I can make another squad of Spirit Walkers, I'm also planning on buying some of that mold making blue stuff and I plan on trying making green stuff casts of the Ghost Warrior I have and use them as my Storm Guardians, so if I get good results I'll be knocking out 33 of them. I also plan to start at least one of the gorram Vorax next month.

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