Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Poxy Proxy Predator the beginings

Seeing as I can't get more than 1 photo per post, I'm doing this the long winded way!

So below is the donor tank

This is a model of, I believe, an American Abraham's tank. I removed the turret, the the engine cowlings and some other bits was left with a shell, I tried sticking the box on the top but this looked daft, and far to big (more on that subject later!), so I got out my trusty cutters and set to work trimming down the body. After 10 minutes not so careful cutting I had the tracks off and the upper hull set to one side, ready to bin. The hard part was getting the engine out, this had to be done with some care, I planned on giving this to a guy at the club, thinking that it would look okay built into his Necromunda set.

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