Sunday, 25 May 2014

Ranting About Camo

Now to date every time I put the Glorious 1000 tanks up on Facebook I get flamed, my eyes, what the hell is that and other comments. Now heres the thing who knows what the terrain on an Exo planet is going to look like, from the comments I get all I can think is people think that Exo planets are going to look a cross between Griffith Park, The High Serria in California and the woods outside Vancouver, where standard NATO DPM would work well. But that does not go far enough, I will say Stargate did a better job of Exo planes than Star Trek, but by the end they where using the same quarry, woods and lake side as many times before. Stargate Universe did the best job of Exo planets in current sci-fi. So when I say camo what do you think? The Glorious 1000 Heavy Bolter team are painted up for night world/city fight, the missile team is painted up like an Amur Leopard for snow blizzard, the tanks are painted up for sulpher/iron dessert, but most people think this is wrong. Come on guys an Exo planet is not going to look like the North German plaines and woodland, the camo patterns you are used to are not going to work on every world in the Imperium. So in future when someone says camo think outside of the NATO DPM box in future, look up Rio Tinto in Spain, watch Top Gear when they go to Iceland and think what camo should I do for this place?

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