Saturday, 3 May 2014

Some Bugger Beat Me To It!

Well bollocks. Sincce the new Wood Elves leaked out I thought about making them into an Exodite Army  and turning that Treeman into an Avatar Of Khaine and flicking through this weeks White Dwarf it really does look like Chris Peachy had had the same idea more or less, after reading through his article I think I can pull this off. The Wildwood Rangers look good but the only thing I can think of using them for are Storm Guardians. I'm still thinking of using Dryads as Wraith Blades, although I think Wraith Guard will be better as Wraith Guard models. Jet Bikes where interesting, I'm thinking of using Eagles at least for Vypers and of course I'm thinking that Way Watchers for Rangers and green stuff on the Guardians for camo cloaks.

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