Monday, 3 October 2016

Knights of Blood Death Company

Planning a trip down to Warhammer World in January and have run up a number of lists, and as I got my hands on the Blood Angel Codex, I've finally been able to get a list done, based the list on a CAD rather than a formation, and to get to the list I need to get some stuff painted, namely 3 tactical squads and 5 Death Company.

I started by selecting these 5 from the box.

I gave them all a Wazdakka red base coat on the shoulders and exhausts to tie them in to the rest of the army.

And later gave these a nuln oil wash.

Lastly I dry brushed on the helmets with a touch of red or screaming skull to denote if the marine is from either an Assault, Tactical or Devastater squad.

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