Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Monthly Vow, 12th of October to the 12th of November

Well big news, the Optimus Prime Dread is a go! Look for that later this month.
Onto other stuff I have plans to do, there is the Vindicator tank to paint for The Lion's Blades, next up are 2 squads of Assault Marines for the Knights of Blood along with a squad of Vanguard Veterans that I'm going to throw together and there are 2 missile launchers spare and I'm planning on painting 1 for the Knights of Blood and 1 for The Lion's Blades. I might also paint up 10 more bolter marines to go with the dev squads to round out those 2 to 10 marines each.
So 37 marines, 1 tank

and a frankenstein conversion on 2 Dreadnoughts...

Finished project will look a little different.

Onto reviewing last month

After a vote I ended up painting this old metal guy for the Space Wolves

I also painted up the freebie mini as my 1 victory point marker and it's one of the last of the techno barbarians that plagued Terra at the end of the Unity War.

To mark the end of the Dread project I got them all out for a photo.

I based the Exodites of Telvig with the snow basing material.

Before moving on to starting the Knights of Blood with 5 Death Company, after digging out the box I've now got 6 Death Company.

I polished off 2 squads of tactical marines, with a 3rd just waiting on squad and chapter marking.

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