Saturday, 31 December 2016

1/1/17 New Years Day Review

Time to review what I haven't done this year, and I'll start with the Harlequins

Which I totally failed to do anything on. Still need Skyweavers and Voidweavers to fill out those Masques. I'm sort of thinking that with the Death Masque box out I ll be able to pick up both weavers fairly cheap.

The Chaos Dreadnoughts Family Tree is possibly going to get a possessed Contemptor to finish it off.

The Exodites of Telvig are just missing the support weapons and maybe a Wraith Knight with Wraith Blades and Guards.

The Knights of Blood are missing 3 tactical squads to make them up to a battle company , then the Marine Codex and both the BA suppliment to see what formations I can make, might also pick up another Predator to fill out a squadron of them.

Hopefully the Shadow 72nd Highlanders will get some work done on them and some serious reinforcement incoming.

The Cypher Chosen Formation I'm currently working , a few need arms and guns sorting and it will not be WYSIWYG.

The full Lion's Blades 3rd Company, well I say full I've found out I'm 2 bolter marines short on the dev squads which are getting painted soon.

Beyond those 2 and a single missile launcher marine for choice this army is actually finished

The 1st Company, well I need 10 storm bolter Terminators to make them up to 50 then I'll start thinking of Assault Terminators for the next 50, I can see this sliding into 2018 to be honest

The 2nd Company, rare to hear this I know, but I'm happy with just 3 attack squadrons, I may get some Black Knights and a few Land Speeders to fill out the support squadron.

And lastly the tanks, still after a Whirlwind and a Vindicator to finish off those 2 Hammer Of Caliban formations, I'm still looking at getting 2 more flyers to get a Silence squadron although to be honest, I have a feeling that this might just slip to 2018 as well.

Happy New Year reader!

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