Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Monthly Vow 12th of January to 12th of February

Well good ish news is I've managed to limit the hole in my budget to December, but I need to check my money before I commit to buying stuff. At least I'm looking at a Predator for The Knights of Blood and getting the squads of Veterans for the Chosen Formation at least made. Minor issue my game group has had is that the trip down to Warhammer World has had to be bumped from February to March and I'll see how much I have saved up for the as I'm planning on getting the Vindicator, Whirlwind and see if there's enough left over for the Possessed Contemptor.
So on to the review for December.

The old and the new Company Masters, both of these will leas a squad of Chosen.

As will this guy.

And 2 Bolter Marines for The Lion's Blades Devastater Squads.

And the 3 squads currently looking for a right hand lightening claw as well and lots of plasma guns.

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