Monday, 26 December 2016

December 26th; Where Do We Go From Here?

Sit at the bar drinking iced White Russians.
Looking at where I've got to I'm thinking of getting each the army out and photographing them all, separately as I don't think I've got space for them to be all in one place at one time, this is for the new year's post.
Build wise, I'm priming the captains tonight

Just waiting to get the 3rd captain from eBay and I'll be moving the lightning claws captain over to this formation which l think takes me up to 24 marines leaving a box of Veterans and a careful trawling of ebay to get an old robed marine to complete this unit oh and lots of plasma guns. Basically there are going to be lots of guns on display in these 3 squads but anything that isn't a plasma will be a bolter. WYSISYG this will not be.

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