Monday, 12 December 2016

Monthly Vow 12th of December To The 12th of January

It's Christmas and new year, feck all is on the menu for this month, on the plus side it gives me chance to get a rough plan A in place for 2017.
So review of last month;

The Dread hand still hasn't made its way to me so the Optimus Class Librarian Dreadnought has pretty much sat untouched this month.
The Mk1 Predator got rather a major boost, going from just Auto cannon and las cannon to pretty much all options that Forge World supply with the 2 Deimos pattern Predators.

I really did enjoy this project, it was a pleasure to bring this venerable relic up to date.

The 2nd Vindicator got done, as said I'm going to get the laser Destroyer version when down at Warhammer World next year to finish this formation off.

Again I'm having a mate buy me a plastic Whirlwind to finish this formation off when we go down to Warhammer World in February next year.

The 3 Hammer Of Caliban formations together.

Version 1 of The Storm Lord, I was unhappy with how the tank looks so went and bought a Churchill tank, I found out that this wasn't named after the then Prime Minister Winston Churchill, but his ancestor, Lord Malborough.

This looks much bigger and has left me looking at some of the other tanks available from Warlord Games. They do make nice kits.

I've added a havoc launcher to this as well as that is an option in 30k.

As you can see, this tank chassis looks huge under the body but this is 40k. . .

And lastly there's the las cannon pred for the Knights of Blood, that started out as a Lion's Blades pred.

Dragon free hand painting.

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