Friday, 26 May 2017

8th Edition Plans

Handly I'm running late on what had been my plan for this year of building an Astra Militarum army, so I can fold this into 8th ed plan. I'm going halves on a box set and getting the Primaris Astartes out of it, thinking painting them up for either the Nemesis Chapter

or the Mentors Chapter,

will do one officer in grey and blue and one on white and green and see which goes better with the Shadow Highlanders

and then paint the rest up to match. Beyond the box set I'm getting the Dreadnought that's been mentioned but beyond that I'm not thinking of adding anything more to the Primaris Astartes currently. I'm also buying the 2 Imperial books and the novel on the 17th, I plan to wait for the Harlequins to get their own book and I've begun to think about selling the Eldar army.

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