Friday, 12 May 2017

Monthly Vow May 12th to June 12th

Crap it's that time of the month again , on the plus side of that I did get paid.
Woot! I actually fulfilled the vow for this month with a little extra.

The extra, Astropath Tracia, from the same low gravity home world as the Naval Liasion Officer Rosso. ,

The 4 Veteran Squads for the Victrix Guard Formation, midly narked that formations got nixed for 8th.

The 10 Sons of Dorn Honour Guard to show Unity amongst the Chapters of Dorn and Gulliman (strangely my phone auto corrects that to gullible. . . )

I know I did those last month but it's Girlyman's heralds

And lastly Captain Cato Sicarus of The Smurfs.
So next month I had planned to get the Grey Knights for their formation, but fell out with that idea with 8th.
So looking at the Bane blade kit or at least sprues for guns for the Titan and maybe rebuild the Poxy Proxy Bane Hammer with the left overs, if I get the full kit.
Literally just bought some heavy weapons teams for the 72nd Shadow Highlanders.
Sorry Bohemian Rapsody is on, and now The Kill by 30 Second To Mars.
So yes 5 Heavy weapon teams looking at an officer as well, and will get the Necron Knight out as well and get some more done on that.

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