Sunday, 13 August 2017

From Facebook During The Open Day

From adaptus astartes page, via Lords Of War

- Talked to the fw designers about titanicus. Its been pushed back for necromunda
- Paladin knights are the smallest models for it at the size of a catti terminator
- Reavers are contemptor size ish
- The warlords is between the redemptor and knight size
- And the warlord is going to be just shy of the knight
- The emp will ether be in scale with the rest at the size of a lancer or be a more manageable size tbd
- But all will now be in plastic because its been delayed
- And all of them are fully pose able but with tabs like the redemptor has
- Also the necromunda bases are Designed to fit with the mortis boards and will be their own pack at some point
- And the FW design studio is re working all aircraft atm bar the transporter
- Was talking to the tau designer about thw orca and hes started to design it and is going for a thunderbird 2 stlye. With different pods for troops tanks and suits

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