Friday, 11 August 2017

Monthly Vow 12th Of August To The 12th Of September

With the plan being somewhat vague this month I can't actually decide if I've done it or failed.

I started off the month with the brothers Squishy and the Interceptors of Squad 2.

I then polished off the second set from the Dark Imperium box set

At which point the Codex and other stuff came out, and I had to wait for a week for stuff to arrive.

I used the 2 of the 3 Intercessors as alternative Sgts for the Hounds and the 3rd as a paint test for any future Lion's Blades Primaris Astartes I do.
And lastly there's the . . . gorram Primaris Librarian

Those pipes around the arms will break off at some point, and the legs are a fun fit but it does look good.

So on to next month, what's the plan? Well I need the fat Albert dreadnought done for the end of September and I'm thinking of buying the Chaplian and a box of Hellblasters , half for The Lion's Blades and the others for the Hounds, could do with some more paint, which is a trip to either Preston or Manchester and hopefully with my 2 days off next week I can pick up a plastic Contemptor off a mate, watch Atomic Blonde and anything else I need to get done.

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