Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Base Line for the Masque Of The Breaking Dawn

Got my Harlequins out today, to base line before the codex drops.
Shit loads of killer space ninja clowns. Almost 100% certain I have every Jes Goodwin era Harlequin with a couple of Hasslefree Miniatures, and de Wytches as well to make up the numbers.

Options for the Solitaire slot and the Mimes

The First of The Fallen, Mime Troupe.
I need another one to bring the Mimes up to min squad strength

The White Queen, Solitaire options

The Diplomatic Corps Skyweavers
Gravitas Free Zone

The Diplomatic Corps Skyweavers,
Size Isn't Everything

The Wylde Ones, Chorus Troupe.
In their stage holo suits

Troupe Milliner, Chorus Troupe

Cegorach's Finest, Chorus Troupe

The Heroic Dead, Mime Troupe.
In their stage holo suits

The Deceivers. Mime Troupe

Troupe of the Frozen King. Chorus Troupe

The Brides of Lazarou. Mime Troupe

Troupe of the Grey Angel. Chorus Troupe

Nobility of Old. Chorus Troupe.

League of Shadows. Mime Troupe.

The Crimson Kings Guards. Chorus Troupe

The Star Players , know as The Lords of Old, mostly inspired by Batman characters.

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