Friday, 13 April 2018

Monthly Vow, The 12th of April, To The 12th of May

For next month I've worked out how to fix the poles to the Land Raider so will get that sorted. I'm also working on a couple of old metal Incubi to at least get my Incubi Mimes up to a squad size of 5, as well as building and painting the Voidweaver. I'm not planning any more buying than this as I have to pay to get my boiler fixed.
Review Time
I started off with the Mk4 squad of Star Leopards,  by doing a couple proof of concept minis.
I finished the squad and a captain for the Star Leopards chapter and edited the wiki page with the colours I'd used. . . I also got the whole force out for some photos, the plasma gunners and Inceptors are both in my main Lion's Blades army and The Emperor’s Loyal Hounds Of War.
I then repainted the robed guy as a Mentors Chapter Librarian.
Next up was the Death Jesters that I was fixing the prism cannon focusing array onto the end of the las cannon, first try looked wrong, so cut some more off to get a better looking fit.
Next up was the Raider crew of the Doof Twins, The Professor, The Uninvited Guest, and The Great Pretender. And I then started painting the Raider itself, it was blue Ultramarines one originally and I chose to keep one part blue for the fun of it, and to trigger all those Marine players and then also painted the exhaust cover in Ultramarines colours just to break up the large blocks of colours it was coming out in.
I'd bought the mask stickers I'd been watching for months now and used that on various bits of the tank. I chose to paint the diamonds blue and details in purple before moving onto the bungie arms for the Doof Twins. I finally bought the bobbles today and have used them for the cords and am waiting for the green stuff to cure now.  I'll get those painted up tomorrow. I've really enjoyed this build and the  educational potential it's given the various groups in Facebook when I get slagged off for doing something oldhammer.

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