Monday, 14 January 2019

Monthly Vow, 14th Of January To The 12th Of February.

Plan A for the coming month; I've got the 3 Inceptors made up for the Hounds, and 6 Intercessors and Hellblasters that I'm planning on painting for the Star Leopards, there's also the female Cypher on its way, there's a plasma Dreadnought on its way that's going to be painted for The Luna Wolves and I'm buying a standard dread that I'll be painting for the pre Heresy Death Guard these are both going into the 30k Dreadnought army, the missile launcher is going to be converted to a flamestorm cannon for the Seige Dreadnought I already have. There's also an Ironclad dreadnought to be bought that I'll be making into the old kit bash of Sister Stern, this is going into the Astartes Strike force.
Beyond those there are 2 more Warhounds coming that I'll be painting for the Palidus Mor Legion. Further Conquest magazine releases are another scenery sprue and then there's some more Reavors the week after, which I'm aiming to get 5 of.
That seems a lot to keep me busy with.

Review Time

I started out with the Harry Potter stuff I did Luna Lovegood And Cho Chang first before the doing the 4 Death Eaters you get in the main box and doing Filtch, with him carrying a lantern I had to add some on source lighting to the mini.

With Dumbledor  asking the oldest how she wanted him painting, she opted for the light blue grey colours, I really do like how I've painted this one, it's one of my best efforts. The same night I also did the spiderlings,  with so much being black, grey and brown, I wanted some colour somewhere so went green with the swarm bases and a big yellow one for the boss spiderling base.

Then I plucked up the courage to have a go at the Weasley siblings hair, Ginni had some inspiration from an on line friend, it's a Khorne red base coat with a couple of agrax earthshade washes, Fred and George's hair had a base coat of Wazdakka red and a wild rider red dry brush.

Hermione's scarf was done yellow as I was worried that I wouldn't get the stripes lined up, and to give it some colour as everything is mostly grey.

Ron was done the same as the other students and the inside of the robes gives it some colour.

Harry was the same, the glasses where a bit of stretch for me to do.

For some colour I did a spare ranger I had.

And back to black for the flamestorm Aggressors for the Lion's Blades.

The first dreadnought of the year was the Possessed Contemptor that I did for the Word Bearers.

The Solitaire options got rebased to make them stand out.

At the end of the month my mood dropped and needed a lift so I jumped ahead on some stuff that I had planned to start this month, with the Primaris Lieutenant and the Librarian Terminator for the Primaris Company as well as the Terminator with counts as lightening claws. 

And lastly I did one of the scenery sprues from Conquest , I painted these up for the Hounds.

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