Monday, 17 June 2019

The Albus Dumbledor Firestorm

This was a bit different, again for The Harry Potter stuff the stand that the dynamic Dumbledor goes on, he can also go on a smaller base. I gave it an ushabati bone base coat and then went over it with 2 nuln oil washes and a black dry brush. I then edged the base with Deepkin Flesh.
The flame storm got an ushabati bone base coat, then as I've got a little bit more experience with blue flames it got a Macragge Blue coat followed by a drakenhof nightshade wash, once dry I mixed some lighter blues and made sure I didn't get into evert nook and cranny with it, it then got an even lighter coat of temple Guard blue before a light coat of screaming skull and then a hight light with the Deepkin Flesh.
Plan to break up the black this week by finishing the Conquest captain tomorrow, Albus and the tortured souls on Tuesday then the Suppressors on Wednesday and Thursday I'm planning to read as my mood has improved a lot.

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