Friday, 17 July 2020

Back To The 2nd Company

I'd bought myself a magnifying head band at payday this month and the first thing I checked out with it was the 2nd squadron of Land Speeders, which looked terrible, so went over them with black and dawnstone highlights, with leadbleacher on the grav plate and engines.
A very rare selfie.


Frost and Fists said...

Very cool, my man. I painted up a used one for Scars late last year. It was a crappy used one with some gaps, so I feel your pain! I loved the end result, though, and yours are looking awesome too! LOL, I've got a similar magnifying headset. It's scary when you think you've done a pretty good job and then you put the magnifiers on to discover otherwise. lol, on the bright side, I think using them has trained me to make another brush strokes over time. 😁
Keep up the great work!

Poxy Proxy Predator said...

I thought those 3 land speeders had been okay, then I looked at the with just the light on, no lense and could see the blue plastic through bleeding through. SHAME.